According To Science, Women Are Happier With Less Attractive Guys

According To Science, Women Are Happier With Less Attractive Guys

you ever witnessed stunning women dating less appealing men? Nevertheless, they seem incredibly happy and in love with one another.

What makes this possible? Shouldn’t a stunning lady be drawn to a man who is just as attractive, if not more so? Evidently not…

Study Finds Happiest Women Have Less Attractive Men

Women are happier when their husbands are less beautiful than they are, according to research from Florida State University.

In the study, which was written up in the journal Body Image, 113 newlywed couples were examined at. They all agreed to have their attractiveness evaluated.

Tania Reynolds, a doctoral student, and Andrea Meltzer, an assistant professor of psychology, discovered that women with body image issues were more likely to be rated as “less attractive” than their husbands.

In other words, they experience pressure to diet and lose weight if their husbands are viewed as being more attractive than they are.

Reynolds stated, “The results show that having a physically attractive husband may have adverse effects on wives, especially if those wives are not exceptionally appealing.”

However, the wives of men deemed to be more beautiful did not experience this increased pressure to diet and “look pretty.”

What about the guys? Their diet motivation was low regardless of their own or their wives’ appearances!

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Then What?

Of course, the study has drawbacks, not the least of which is that the sample is predominantly Western and that beauty is a subjective concept.

The findings nevertheless bring up some crucial considerations.

The first and most visible problem is related to problems with body image, particularly for women.

Why did the study’s “less attractive” women feel pressured to “look nice” for their attractive husbands?

Is this due to their concern that their handsome spouses won’t think them appealing enough? And eventually, lean toward a woman who is more attractive?

Would these “ugly” ladies overdo it with extreme diets, resulting in mental and physical problems?

Does this imply that in marriages with less desirable men, the females will eventually have no concern about their weight, resulting in obesity and other lifestyle diseases? It goes without saying that this has major health consequences for women.

Not to mention the effects on men’s health since, regardless of how gorgeous they or their partners are, they don’t care about dieting.

Winning In A World Driven By Appearance

Winning In A World Driven By Appearance
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Ladies and gentlemen, beauty is only skin-deep and actually depends on the individual.

Regardless of appearance, respect, kindness, honesty, and trust are what matter in a relationship.

Ladies enjoy those lovely laughter lines that suddenly emerge on your man’s face as he chuckles at your antics. What about those powerful arms that held you when you were at your weakest or encircled you every day in the sweetest hug ever?

Guys, enjoy your woman’s curves and all of her sensuality. After all, research has shown that men are content with curvy women. She ought to be the most stunning woman in the world, in your opinion.

You can be sure that others will notice this when you and your partner value one other’s qualities, both on the surface and deeper than that.

What do you think about this study? Is this true in your life too? Please let us know, and don’t forget to spread the news so that we can hear from more people.

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