6 Bible Study Topics List That Will Increase Your Attendance

6 Bible Study Topics List That Will Increase Your Attendance

Why doesn’t your church have a thriving culture of Bible study?

It’s easy:

Biblical lessons that improve participants’ lives will draw crowds.

Biblical classes that don’t improve participants’ lives will lose attendees.

If the bible study topics you select are disliked by your church’s members, it’s likely because they didn’t see their value. That’s a negative indication.

So what are some good bible lessons ?

Here’s some encouraging news for you:

You can create Bible studies that draw attendees and increase sermon engagement.

I will start by giving you three simple strategies to change your culture surrounding Bible study. After that, I’ll provide you with a handy list of bible study topics to draw people in and create a sense of community.

In A Bible Study, Avoid These Mistakes

In A Bible Study, Avoid These Mistakes

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Be sure you’re not making these frequent errors that decrease attendance before you add anything to your Bible study.

1. Give Participants With Food And Beverages.

Several Bible study organizers aim to make the study of the Bible as unappealing as possible.

“Come on. Study. Keep your eyes closed. Stop eating. Avoid drinking.

The majority of Bible studies are more appealing to robots than to real, living, breathing people.

If studying the Bible is valuable, then studying itself is valuable.

Pick up a fruit tray. Get plates. Grab some knives and forks. Get a small cheese and meat dish.

Create a buzz about your Bible study lesson.

Make a splash with your weekly cheese platter.

Bible study participation increases when there is excitement about it.

It is scientific.

2. Your Bible Study Should Not Be Viewed As A Small Group Study Topics

Small-group Bible studies and Bible studies, in general, are viewed by many churches as being the same thing: a regular social event where Christians can gather to discuss life (and maybe the Bible). That’s what a “small group” is.

There is a focused Bible study.

A Bible study has a topic of discussion.

A Bible study educates its audience.

Consider it like this:

As learning how to exercise from a personal trainer, studying the Bible and planning a Bible study are similar. A small group topics are similar to going to the gym and incorporating your routine with what you learn there.

A Bible study should be an intensely focused effort to comprehend what God is saying. The purpose of a small group topics are to help Christian communities in applying what God says to unique, individual circumstances.

No one will keep showing up if you combine the two into one meeting. The meeting will be perceived as being too light and social by those who seek to grasp God’s word. The meeting will seem too formal and academic to those who wish to build community.

Keep your small group study topics small.

Make sure that your bible study remains a bible study and that it is topical.

You’ll boost attendance at both events if you do this.

Use a church management system with a “Groups” option to make it easier to manage both your Bible studies and small groups.

3. Don’t Limit Your Bible Study To A Particular Book All The Time

Here’s a wonderful technique to cut your attendance at Bible studies in half:

The book of Romans is the title of your Biblical study.

Everyone who is intelligent will love it. Nobody else will show up.

This does not imply that you cannot conduct a Romans Bible study. That means that you should choose a Specific theme—for instance, “Forgiveness”—and base your Bible study idea around that.

Interesting bible study topics will increase your attendance.

Ideas For Bible Studies To Increase Interest

Ideas For Bible Studies To Increase Interest
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The truth is that people choose topical Bible studies or studies on current issues that they can apply to their lives.

Your church will gain a thorough understanding of contemporary challenges using a biblical perspective thanks to these bible study topics and questions. The following are some ideas for bible study:

1. Technology

Carry out a technological Bible study.

Even though you might expect young people to attend, older people are more likely to do so. Christians from the “Greatest Generation” and the Baby Boomer generation are well-versed in the Bible but less so in technology.

Fill in the gap for them.

Help people develop a balanced view of technology that will save them from both modern tech mania and old-school luddism.

Build your technology-focused Bible study around this topic.

Advice: Keep up with the most recent technological developments that are influencing how churches operate.

2. Money

Christians generally have a very complicated relationship with money.

More money is what the poor want.

The wealthy struggle with knowing how to handle it sensibly.

Everyone feels bad for wanting more.

Particularly in churches, the majority of people simply feel bad when they don’t contribute enough to the church offering. It’s strange how the church handles money matters.

The good news is this:

Based on the Scriptures and aimed at helping people in achieving financial independence and become giving, your church can develop a positive financial concerns culture.

3. Stewardship

Toys can make people blind. People are increasingly inclined to spend money on themselves because of improved marketing techniques.

Conduct a Biblical study on how adopting a “stewardship” mindset of money can help people overcome their obsession with themselves and have a better relationship with money and material possessions.

4. Tithing

How to give to one’s church can be confusing for many people. What level of access to the church’s financial records should they have? How does contributing benefit them? Can I tithe my time and talents rather than money?

Dispel members’ usual obstacles to participating in God’s mission of making disciples through the church by clearing up any confusion they may have about tithing.

Advice: Avoid making it about feeling guilty about contributing. Take the chance to explain to Christians the importance of economic charity for one’s spirituality and relationship with God.

5. Business

America is transitioning to a “gig economy,” and many people work a second job. This indicates that the majority of young people are business owners who perform fee-for-service freelancing.

Instruct a Biblical study on the ways in which sound business decisions, a strong work ethic, and Christian witness are all influenced by biblical wisdom in today’s dynamic and uncertain marketplace.

Having a Bible study on this particular subject will draw many young people.

It is a good bible study lessons for adults and young people.

6. Leadership

The majority of participants in Bible studies have a strong desire to grow personally. These Christians most likely have executive roles outside of the church. One stone can kill two birds.

Improve the Bible knowledge of your members and help them become better, more moral entrepreneurs. Their ability to spread the gospel at work will expand as a result.

Leaders are kind. As you provide your church members with a biblical viewpoint on leaders, you are also teaching them that those who desire to lead in the church give to the church.

We hope that now you know the bible study topics list that will increase attendance.

Did you learn anything new by reading this article? Your suggestions are highly appreciated. Please let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to spread the news so that we can hear from more people.

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