NASA Sends CAT VIDEO From 19 Million Miles Away! (It’s Adorable)

Cats have always been internet stars, but now they’re taking their fame to new heights with NASA! In an amazing experiment, NASA used a laser to send a video back to Earth from a spacecraft called Psyche.

This spacecraft was a mind-blowing 19 million miles away! And guess who was the star of the show? It was Taters, a cute orange tabby cat having a blast chasing a red laser pointer in space.

Taters is everything you’d want in a classic cat video: fluffy, adorable, and super playful. But this wasn’t just any viral video; it was a huge step forward in how we communicate in space.

The video, which was in ultra-high definition, traveled an incredible distance on December 11—80 times farther than the distance between Earth and the moon! This shows that we can keep in touch with astronauts on faraway missions, like ones to Mars.

The Psyche Mission: Breaking Communication Limits

This cool experiment was part of something called the Deep Space Optical Communications (DSOC) experiment, which is part of the ongoing Psyche mission.

Psyche is a spacecraft heading to the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter to study a special asteroid named 16 Psyche. Since Psyche is going on such a long journey, it’s the perfect time to try out new ways to communicate, like with DSOC.

A Cat in Space: The Laser Video Adventure

The cat video lasted just 15 seconds and showed Taters playing with a laser pointer while the Psyche spacecraft cruised through space.

There were also some neat graphics with technical info about the laser system and a fun message saying, “This is a test.”

The video was sent back to Earth using a special laser system, taking 101 seconds to travel before being received by the Hale Telescope in California and then sent to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory for us all to watch in real-time.

From Data to Taters: Making Communication Fun

The JPL DSOC team gathers for a group photo following the receipt of the cat video from space. Keep your eyes peeled near the center of the frame to catch a glimpse of Taters making a remote cameo appearance during the meeting | Photo Credits – NASA/JPL-CALTECH


Normally, experiments like this send boring test data, but the folks at NASA decided to spice things up a bit. They teamed up with designers to make a playful video starring Taters, adding some fun to a very technical project.

Beyond Earth: Looking into the Future

In the mission support area, a computer screen displays a captivating moment: Taters the cat captured in a still frame from the inaugural high-definition streaming video transmitted via laser from the depths of space. Simultaneously, the screen showcases the incoming data stream delivering each frame of the historic video | Photo Credits – NASA/JPL-Caltech


This experiment’s success not only shows that it works for missions like Psyche but also opens up new possibilities for exploring deep space.

NASA wants to send humans to Mars soon, and they plan to use laser communication systems that can send data much faster than current radio methods. This means that even when astronauts are far from home, they can still stay connected and watch cat videos if they want!

Taters: A Cosmic Kitty

Taters is now part of an elite group of space-traveling cats, both real and imaginary. From Felicette, the first cat in space in the 1960s, to famous fictional felines like Data’s cat from “Star Trek” and Ellen Ripley’s cat from “Alien,” Taters adds a new chapter to the story of space cats.

It’s interesting to note that most of these famous felines are orange, just like Taters!

Conclusion: Mixing Fun with Serious Science

Even though NASA’s laser experiments are super serious, Taters’ playful antics bring a sense of joy and wonder to the whole thing. As one NASA team member put it, “Everyone loves Taters.”

By blending science with fun, NASA not only pushes the boundaries of space exploration but also captures the imagination of people all over the world. Through the eyes of a furry space explorer, we get a glimpse of the endless possibilities waiting beyond the stars.

What’s your favorite space cat? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to share the cosmic joy by telling your friends about Taters’ amazing adventure!

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