Driver Comes Across A Group Of Stray Kittens Seeking Warmth In An Odd Place

The Alliance for Responsible Pet Ownership (ARPO) volunteers recently received a tragic phone call about a tiny, fluffy family in need.

ARPO’s dedicated rescuers became increasingly concerned about the endangered animals on the streets as winter arrived in Indianapolis, Indiana.

They knew that infant animals were the most vulnerable to freezing, so when they received a report about a family of five kittens fighting to stay warm, they went right in to help.

They were startled, however, to learn what the quintuplets were employing as a heat source.

“[They] were living outdoors, fending for themselves in terms of food and shelter,” ARPO stated on Instagram. “The only type of shelter nearby was an old car … [they were] snuggling to stay warm on the hood of the car.”

ARPO rushed to save the little babies and their mother, who was keeping a close check on them.

They quickly found a foster home for the tough cats and were planning relocation when they received another urgent call from the same area.

“ARPO was notified that a single kitten had been found in a nearby location on someone’s front porch,” ARPO noted in its report.

Neighbors reported spotting the new kitten with his own feline family, but unlike the kittens on the vehicle hood, his mother and siblings disappeared without him.

Fortunately, the childhood kittens and their nursing mother were eager to include the orphaned baby in their brood.

The cats were finally named after characters from the television program Suits. Jessica Pearson, the mother cat, continued to adore her foster kittens, Harvey Spector, Louis Litt, Donna Paulson, Rachel Zane, Katrina Bennett, and Mike Ross.

The kittens, who used to shiver together atop a car, now spend their days cuddling up in a warm living room.

And, with the holidays approaching, they’ve discovered the thrill of napping beneath their first Christmas tree.

The kittens and their mother are prospering in their new habitat and are officially ready to be adopted.

ARPO believes that each cat will soon find their ideal household. But for the time being, they’re having fun with the resilient little gang. And they’re overjoyed that the last kitten was able to accompany them.

“This little guy was the missing link to our Suits group,” he wrote.

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