Motherly Opossum, Pregnant with Babies, Develops Close Bond with Humans Who Rescued Her Offspring.

Judy Obregon, the founder of The Abandoned Ones “Saving Animals in Danger,” a dog rescue based in Fort Worth, Texas, has made a name for herself by rescuing countless dogs from dire situations. However, during a recent drive, she came across a pregnant opossum that needed her help.

Initially, she presumed the opossum to be lifeless as it lay on the road. However, her perception shifted when she witnessed the creature lift its head. “I couldn’t just drive away, not a chance!” she expressed on Facebook.

Observing that the opossum might be pregnant and appeared to have sustained a head injury, likely from being struck by a rock, she recognized the urgency to relocate the wounded animal from the perilous center of the street to a place of safety.

Successfully, she guided the opossum to the roadside and gently enveloped it in a t-shirt. Subsequently, she promptly contacted Tabatha, a nearby wildlife rehabilitator, for assistance.

Judy expressed her inability to witness animal suffering, emphasizing her sentiment by naming the opossum Angel.

Upon Tabatha’s arrival, she confirmed Angel’s pregnancy, discovering joeys nestled within her pouch. Despite Angel not being hit by a car, she bore evidence of trauma, likely inflicted by a BB gun pellet, evident in her broken teeth and injured eye.

Judy speculated that the pellet may have penetrated Angel’s eye or mouth, given the severity of her injuries. Furthermore, she inferred additional malicious intent from the perpetrator, suggesting they continued to harm Angel with sticks or rocks after the initial shot.

Angel, despite showing no signs of infection, was prescribed antibiotics. The relief was palpable among her rescuers when she began drinking water and eating shortly after her rescue.

Judy joyfully updated that six babies were counted in Angel’s pouch, and due to her strong will to survive, the joeys would remain nestled within her care. Now, Angel required ample peace, quiet, and rest to recuperate from her injuries.

Looking back on the rescue, Judy affirmed she would undertake it again without hesitation. Recounting the moment when Angel lifted her head, Judy couldn’t shake the haunting image, pondering the suffering Angel endured before their timely encounter.

In Judy’s reflection, she emphasized that Angel’s rescue, though not her typical endeavor, reaffirmed her commitment to all living creatures. To Judy, every life, regardless of species, deserves compassion and aid.

Angel had found her guardians, and Judy urged others to share this tale to underscore the importance of valuing every animal’s life.


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