After Being Denied Food At A Wedding, A Hungry Photographer Deleted All Of The Couple’s Photos

After Being Denied Food At A Wedding, A Hungry Photographer Deleted All Of The Couple's Photos

Following the groom’s denial of food at the wedding, a photographer decided to delete every photo from his camera in front of him. He has now asked for comments.

“I really groom dogs instead of taking pictures. My “thing,” if that makes sense, is to constantly shoot images of dogs to post on my Facebook and Instagram “, He posted on Reddit.

He agreed to take his wedding photos after being convinced by a buddy who wanted to save money. I informed him that it wasn’t really my area of expertise, but he convinced me by claiming that he didn’t care whether they were perfect, he added.

The photographer agreed to take the pictures in exchange for $250

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The photographer agreed to take the pictures in exchange for $250. He had an 11 a.m. start time and was scheduled to finish at 7:30 p.m. Around 5 o’clock, when food started to be served, he reported, “I was told I couldn’t stop to eat because I need to be the photographer; in fact, they didn’t save me a spot at any table.”

He kept going, “At this point, I’m becoming worn out and kind of hate doing this for nothing. The location is in an ancient veteran’s legion, where it is swelteringly hot—about 110 degrees—and there is no air conditioning.” Additionally, there was no water supply available.

Then he informed the groom that he needed a break for food and drink for 20 minutes. But the bridegroom warned him, “you need to be the photographer, or leave without pay.”

The cameraman said, “I asked him if he was sure, and when he replied that he was, I erased all the pictures I had taken in front of him and left, claiming I was no longer his photographer since it was hot, I was hungry, and I was generally irritated by the situation. In all honesty, if I had been paid $250 at that time, all I would have needed was a glass of cool water and a place to sit for five minutes.”

The post also said that while people were inquiring about the wedding photos, the newlyweds had left for their honeymoon and had been offline on social media.

Social media users shared the post widely while praising the photographer

Social media users shared the post widely while praising the photographer.

Someone said, “They demanded mates’ rates but didn’t even think to spare you food? These “friends” are not nearly as decent as the dogs.” Another person said, “You are obviously not a mate and not entitled to those rates if you’re willing to refuse someone food and water and even a rest break.”

According to a third commenter, “It was improper for the OP to delete the images. Despite how satisfying it is, they should have simply left and, when her friend inquired about them later, she should have indicated that she would sell the photographs to them for a price that was at least twice as high.” “I can’t wait for the update when everyone discovers there are no photographs,” said another commenter.

What do you think about this photographer? Do you think what he did was right? Please let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to spread the news so that we can hear from more people.

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    1. I think if they asked someone to take photos at that small price, they should have offered him whatever he wanted! Photographer’s are expensive and do an excellent job. I also think what he did by deleting them in front of them was showing them that hopefully if they ever need something done again, they may think twice about how rude they actually were!

    2. I think the photographer was wrong. They were the photographer, not a guest. It would be like the cashier in the store trying to take some of your purchase home because they rung you up. Deleting these one chance only pictures was childish and immature. If you wanted a full meal, you should have included that in your bargaining price. Shame on you.

    3. I wouldn’t have deleted the photos. I would have just stored them away somewhere, and if they asked later, as the other commenter said, charge them a higher price for them–two or three times what originally was decided upon.

      Yes, HTA for deleting the photos. He lowered himself in doing that, and he was—WAS much better than that.

    4. I have done jobs for way under my value. I would certainly remove myself if I felt uncomfortable or beforeni actually cursed someone out. It’s not worth coming out of character as a business person because your potential future client may be there watching . Anyway, I would keep the pictures and put them on my website and the people can preview and pay . Anyone wanting a full size , unwatermarked sharable picture can download it from the site . This resale will help make up expenses . The $250 was just labor of love..some friends huh?

    Written by actbiggy