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Get Ready To Smile: Discover The Magical Smiley Face Trees Of Oregon’s Enchanting Forests!

Get Ready To Smile: Discover The Magical Smiley Face Trees Of Oregon's Enchanting Forests!

Welcome to the amazing world of the smiley face trees in Oregon! During the beautiful autumn season, if you drive along Oregon Route 18 between Willamina and Grand Ronde, you’ll spot something truly special. Imagine a big circle of trees forming a gigantic smiley face.

It’s like a happy greeting from nature! These trees were planted back in 2011 by Hampton Lumber, who take care of the land. They wanted to create something wonderful that would last for many years. Join us as we explore the magic of these trees, Oregon’s colorful fall leaves, and the meaning behind this famous symbol.

The Creation Of The Smiley Face

Let’s look at how the trees with smiley faces got their start! It all began in 2011 when Hampton Lumber, a business that looks for land, decided to take a unique step.

They wanted to create a large huge smiley face made of trees. As a result, they planted various trees throughout the restoration process in such a way that, when viewed from above, they would resemble the shape of a happy face.

Douglas fir and larch trees were the two types of trees that Hampton Lumber used for this project. These trees were chosen because they grow in the region.

The Larch trees are ideal for making the major component of the smile since their needles turn yellow and fall off in the autumn. The Douglas fir trees, which are evergreen, were planted to create the smiley face’s eyes and lips.

To make sure everything was in its proper location, the planting crews did something clever. The smiling face was created by wrapping a rope in a circle, and the eyes and mouth were then placed precisely. A beautiful smiley face built of trees was the result of careful planning and hard work.

In addition to being a lovely sight, this happy face demonstrates how environmentally conscious Hampton Lumber is. After they have harvested the trees, they want to replant them and care for the area. The smiley face symbolizes their dedication to protecting nature while producing beautiful things.

This incredible happy face will remain there for the next 30 to 50 years, bringing happiness to those who view it.

The Symbol’s Impact

Photo Credits – Hampton Lumber

The trees with smiley faces have had a big symbolic impact on the neighborhood. This smiling face among the trees draws visitors from all over, especially in Oregon during the fall.

As people travel down the road, the smiley face has come to represent a cheery image. Even the entire world has been aware of it because of Japanese people who have been posting news and images about it.

One of Hampton Lumber’s co-owners, David Hampton, expressed his surprise at the smiley’s appeal. He thinks that open areas, like the one with the smiley face, can make people happier.

The natural smiling face enhances Oregon’s already stunning fall foliage, which is already a magical sight. It is now a well-known monument and a representation of how nature and human activity can coexist together.

The smiling face serves as a reminder of the beauty and joy that nature may offer as it continues to cheer up travelers for what is to come.

Oregon’s Fall Foliage And Road Trip Destination

The smiley face trees in Oregon make it a particularly charming place to visit on a fall road trip. The state is known for its stunning fall foliage when the leaves of many trees change to vibrant colors of red, orange, and yellow.

An amazing display of autumnal colors can be seen as you travel down Oregon Route 18 between Willamina and Grand Ronde. Travelers of all ages will be attracted by the lovely sight of the smiley face trees set among the forested slope of Polk County.

The smiley face has earned popularity as an autumn season symbol in Oregon. As they set out on their autumn road trips, it lifts people’s emotions by capturing the joy and beauty that nature offers.

Fall leaf exploration in Oregon is like entering a magical realm. The stunning views can be seen at every turn on the picturesque roadways, which have colorful leaves lining the roads. It’s a great opportunity to experience the beauty of nature and make priceless memories with loved ones.

If you enjoy nature and photography or are just looking for a quiet getaway, Oregon’s fall foliage and smiley face trees are going to take your breath away. So get in your car and take a fantastic road trip through Oregon’s beautiful landscapes during the colorful fall season.

The goals for the smiley face trees in the future will be covered in part after that, along with how new symbols will eventually take their place as time goes on.

Sustainability And Future Plans

Photo Credits - Hampton Lumber
Photo Credits – Hampton Lumber

The company that created the smiling face trees, Hampton Lumber, is dedicated to sustainability. To maintain a healthy forest environment, new trees will be planted to replace those that are cut down. When the smiling face trees are fully grown, Hampton’s sawmills in Willamina and Tillamook will convert them into timber.

In order to continue its heritage of fusing nature and creativity, Hampton Lumber wants to construct new designs and symbols among the trees once the smiley face is retired for lumber. The landscape of Oregon will experience new joy and amazement thanks to these symbols in the future, inspiring future generations to appreciate the beauty of nature.


In conclusion, the smiley face trees of Oregon have become a delightful and iconic landmark. Created through careful planning and the planting of Douglas fir and Larch trees, the smiley face brings joy to all who see it. It represents the harmony between nature and human activities, showcasing the beauty of Oregon’s fall foliage.

As a symbol of sustainability, Hampton Lumber ensures the replanting of trees after harvesting, continuing their commitment to the environment. The smiley face’s impact reaches far and wide, captivating travelers on autumn road trips and reminding us of the wonders that nature can create. Oregon’s smiley face trees truly make the world a happier place.

Now, dear readers, what are your thoughts on this whimsical smiley face among the trees? Have you ever encountered such a unique and joyful sight in nature? Share your experiences and impressions in the comment section below. Don’t forget to spread the joy by sharing this article with your family and friends. Let’s celebrate the wonders of Oregon’s smiley face trees together!

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