Regarding Her Access To The Royal Jewels, Meghan Is Reportedly Upset

Regarding Her Access To The Royal Jewels, Meghan Is Reportedly Upset

The kind of relationship Queen Elizabeth II had with Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex and wife of Enrique, the monarch’s grandson, came to light once more after her passing.

Some assert that neither Meghan nor her small daughter, Lilibeth, will have access to the Crown treasures and that she was not summoned to travel to Scotland’s Balmoral Palace, where the monarch passed away.

The Truth Behind The Rumors

The International Business Times journal recently revealed that Queen Elizabeth II distributed her most priceless belongings, including a jewelry collection estimated to be worth $110 million, among her children.

But most of these 300 pieces of jewelry would be for Kate Middleton, who is now the Duchess of Cornwall and the wife of Prince William, as well as for Princess Charlotte, her child. Meaning that neither Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, nor her child is being thought about.

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According to information released in 2019, a royal hierarchy issue would be connected to the distribution of Queen Elizabeth II’s jewels.

But what about this is real? A purported change of will dated 2019 indicates that Meghan Markle’s access to the royal jewelry box was restricted by Queen Elizabeth II.

Since Guillermo is the next in line to succeed his father, King Carlos III, in the event of his demise or if he abdicates, it was said that this was not a matter of preference but rather of hierarchy.

Meghan And Lady Diana’s Jewels

“Although it is a matter of hierarchy, the Queen likes Meghan personally. She wants to demonstrate the value of keeping the family in good order and orderly succession. Even though Meghan is the most popular woman in the world, she is not as popular as Kate,” a Buckingham Palace insider told The Sun at the time.

The Queen has told Prince William, as an example, that Meghan won’t be able to instantly access any items from the Royal Collection that Princess Diana wore.

Princess Diana’s butterfly earrings and aquamarine ring, among other pieces of jewelry, have been worn by Meghan Markle.

Two diamonds from Enrique’s mother are also included in her engagement ring. These items, however, were part of the Princess of Wales’s private collection. On the other hand, Middleton was the only one to possess the royal collection’s jewels.

Meghan Markle frequently wore Lady Diana's jewelry, like her butterfly earrings
Meghan Markle frequently wore Lady Diana’s jewelry, like her butterfly earrings | Photo Credits – Respective Owner

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