Disrespectful Curtsy Sequence In Harry And Meghan Docuseries Is Criticized By Viewers

Disrespectful Curtsy Sequence In Harry And Meghan Docuseries Is Criticized By Viewers

The Duchess of Sussex made a joke about having to bow to the late Queen Elizabeth II in a scene from Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s new Netflix docuseries, which has divided fans.

Meghan revealed her first encounter with Prince Harry’s grandma shortly after they started dating in 2016 in the second episode of the Harry & Meghan Netflix docuseries.

The duchess claimed she didn’t know she would be meeting the Queen until “moments before” and wasn’t ready for the formal introduction to the British monarch.

The Duke of Sussex remembered, “My grandmother was the first senior member of the family that Meghan met. She was clueless as to what it was all about. As a result, she experienced a little bit of a shock.

There wasn’t a big “Now you’re going to meet my grandmother” moment, Meghan said.

Prince Harry asked Meghan whether she knew how to “curtsy” while they were traveling to meet the Queen.

“You know how to curtsy, right? He said while we were traveling in the car.

I simply assumed it was a joke, the duchess admitted.

Prince Harry then admitted to the camera that it was difficult to explain the royal tradition to his American fiancée, asking: “How do you explain that to people? How can you justify bowing down to your grandmother? Additionally, you would have to bow down to someone, especially an American. That’s strange.

The duchess compared the protocol to "Medieval Times, Dinner and Tournament

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The duchess compared the protocol to “Medieval Times, Dinner and Tournament,” a dinner theater that features staged medieval-style events like jousting when Meghan realized she would need to curtsy to the Queen when she met her in the docuseries.

The joke was made by Meghan as she sat on the couch next to Prince Harry, who appeared a little uneasy, and said, “Americans will get this.”

“It was like that. Like, I curtsied as though I was like…” Meghan began as she made a showy head bow and opened her arms wide. “I’m happy to meet you, Your Majesty.”

The duchess mimicked the Queen’s curtsy and greeting as the camera focused on Prince Harry’s face.

Was that okay, sort of?

It was so intense, Meghan said after laughing, adding, “It was.”

The royal family’s website formerly said that there were “no mandatory norms of behavior while greeting the Queen,” although many visitors preferred to “observe the conventional manner. “A little curtsy” is the customary form for women.

Additionally, according to protocol, all members of the royal family must bow to those addressed as His Majesty or Her Majesty. As a result, Prince Harry and the rest of his family had to bow to the Queen each time they wanted to welcome her.

Viewers have called the sequence from the Netflix docuseries “uncomfortable” on social media, with many expressing unease about the duchess’s “disrespectful” recall and Prince Harry’s response.

One person tweeted about the incident: “I’m an American, and I just cringed so hard. Is that supposed to be funny? Oh my, the disrespect.

Is she making an attempt at humor? Relatable? Curtsying to the Queen is actually quite simple for Americans to understand, according to another person.

Even though the scene was shot prior to the Queen's passing in September, another viewer claims that it is difficult to see
Photo Credits – ADRIAN DENNIS

Even though the scene was shot prior to the Queen’s passing in September, another viewer claims that it is difficult to see. They wrote, “I know this was recorded before HM died, but this smarts a bit…a there’s a sense of mockery to it.

Another person reacted to Meghan’s comments by saying, “How disrespectful and offensive.”

Others were concentrating on the duke’s reaction; several said Prince Harry appeared “embarrassed.”

Someone else commented, “He looks VERY uncomfortable.”

Some defended Meghan on the grounds that Harry should have informed his partner about proper greeting techniques before introducing her to the Queen.

Before Meghan met his grandmother, Harry should have made sure she knew when to curtsy and how
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Before Meghan met his grandmother, Harry should have made sure she knew when to curtsy and how. Why is her boyfriend, who is supposed to be watching out for her, not at fault, but everyone else is? “a person asking the question posed.

Another person said they thought the curtsy incident was “very humorous.” They continued, “Watching Harry’s expression and Meghan make that deep bow.

What do you think about this incident? Do you think Megan intentionally did it? Who is to blame here? Please let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to spread the news so that we can hear from more people.

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    1. I learned how to curtsey at a very young age, about 5. I taught my daughter how when she was very young. As an American, if someone told me to curtsey when meeting the queen I would have no problem. I think Meghan Markle purposely made a mockery of it. A bow is not a curtsey.

    2. I think that Harry and Megan are two Frauds making much afo about nothing and behaving like privileged spoilt brats. They complained about privacy and press yet they spend every moment they can in the press complaining about being alive.
      I say blank them altogether and stop giving them oxygen by talking about them.
      They are inconsequential nobodies.

    3. Actually in a previous interview, MM claimed that it was Eugenie who told her that the ‘form’ was a small curtesy on the 1st meeting of the Queen each day. MM mocked that too. But this interview is a total lie, hence H’s expression. He knows she’s lying but let’s her get away with it. What a disgraceful pair! How can anyone believe anything that comes out of their mouths? MM refused to try and fit into the family but she calls them out as racist. The fact is she is more racist than anyone. She is disparaging of anyone she can’t manipulate. I hope King Charles brings them to account.

    4. Bowing or displaying some physical action of respect when greeting an elder is not that unusual in many cultures. She’s definitely making a mockery of not just the tradition and respect this holds but of HM, Harry and his entire family. Too bad he’s made this poor decision.

      • my French teacher said when she went to France to learn more..she stayed at someones house where she shared meals. The hostess had put the bread onto the table next to the plate. She put the bread onto her plate. The hostess put her bread back on the table and explain…by moving the bread she had insulted the hostess as if saying saying the table was dirty. Be respectful and do as you should when you are another’s home…look at how many English speaking Americans get angry when others speak their own language…as for me? it would be English and Cherokee but I was denied learning that.

    5. ??? I honestly don’t care what traditions a family has, that being said, if a person’s tradition includes me curtsying or bowing before them, they can sh’t in their crown and pull it down. I don’t care if you’re a king, queen, president, religious, or a judge. Your wealth and power don’t dictate the movement of my body. I’ll show respect by greeting you cordially with a smile and a how do you do, but never would I submit myself to anyone in that manner. That is beneath me.

    6. Just rude and typically undermining our heritage and protocols…..
      300 years ago she would be taken to the tower, fortunately for her many aspects have changed thank goodness, BUT such appreciation of status should ALWAYS be respected…..

    7. I see nothing wrong in how or what she said. Sure, anyone British (especially grandson) would feel uncomfortable because it’s their tradition, but she doesn’t and didn’t know. I grew up in a commonwealth family and would still question, “so y’all really bow/curtsy to a close family member?”

    8. Are we actually supposed to believe she didn’t know about this? Whenever we have seen the queen at any public event, people have curtsied to her right left and centre. I think it demonstrates- once again- that Megan Markle believes she is someone so special that she is above all rules. It demonstrates utter arrogance and a total disrespect towards royal protocol. There are rules of protocol everywhere you go. Not just within British royalty.

    9. It’s hard to believe that Megan has never seen a newsreel of dignitaries etc being introduced to the queen. The women do a small curtsy (bob) and the men a low bow. She’s totally clueless in my opinion . Not funny

    10. I think curtsying to British royalty is archaic and dumb. If one needs to show respect, then a slight bow by male or female should be more than sufficient! I doubt that Meghan intended to slight anyone!

    11. I believe what she said was she knew they curtsied and bowed in public but didn’t think that happened behind close doors, within family. She was seeing HM as his grandmother not as the Queen first and then his grandmother.

    12. I think Harry and Megan are a very SAD couple, such a disappointment, it will not last in my opinion. If they had just gone off and lived their lives however they want, but to be criticizing Harry’s family as a way to make money WELL what else can I say but DISGUSTING and Shame on you Harry for not putting a stop to this

    13. I am trying to see Meghans view point and understand where she is coming from. It’s not black and white. But when I saw this, it did feel wrong. It felt mocking and not respectful of someone who is Harry’s grandmother. It felt like we were seeing the real Meghan and she makes it really hard to endear us to her. I think she will regret doing that. Harry just be careful not to let Meghan walk all over you.

    14. So much for Act Biggy publishing inspirational stories, which is a publicly stated mission of Act Biggy. A thumbs down on this weak moment move.??

      Act Biggy should have paused and thought this one through, and stepped back to view the bigger picture, and asked good & humble questions like, “What is the good news, the inspirational message, the light-hearted humor, the genuinely important information, and the real intentions the critics, including ourselves we are missing out on?”

      • Please, anyone who has been & is still being scapegoated for threatening a made-up & self-interested human hierarchy, & anyone who also refused & is still refusing to conform to unhealthy ideas & unfair behaviors, this is what has been & is still happening to Meg, even here. Just read the comments here that blame, shame & reject Meg. FYI: http://www.scapegoatrecovery

        IT IS GOOD NEWS how she & Harry are calling out & bringing to the world’s attention the extent that their family will do to destroy them, for popularly representing several countries that are still unfairly under British rule.

        • For educational purposes and to be aware of a deeper message that the Harry and Meg documentary is about, do the fact-checking, do an honest self-reflection, and do the responsible & critical thinking research first, before posting even more gossip and abuse online, like what is read here about someone most commenters don’t even know.

    15. It’s one thing to think something but then to openly mock it is a complete disgrace. She should be ashamed of herself. There are customs all over this big old world that are different than those of our own. It does not give us the liberty to mock traditions different than our own… Her behavior was childish, disrespectful and narrow…. Girl, if you want to represent woke, is it right to joke?

    16. Can I simply just say what a comfort to uncover an individual who actually understands what they’re discussing on the web. You actually understand how to bring an issue to light and make it important. A lot more people ought to look at this and understand this side of the story. I was surprised that you aren’t more popular because you most certainly possess the gift.

    17. Much ado about English Royalty protocols & an American.
      My Morher before her passing was all about the Royals because that’s what American news/TV pushed upon us. I’m not English & as an indigenous Mexican…I would have bowed as Megan did.
      Why? Because that’s how I as a child interpreted it. Lije Cinderella!
      My apologies but I’m not Royalty.
      …I’m American.

    18. No shame in her game. I get what she was saying. Her only frame of reference was the theatrics of Medieval Times. Lol. I’m pretty sure Harry understood this. Stop trying to make her a villain.

    Written by actbiggy