Pictures Of Pets That Look Exactly Like Their Human Companions Are Adorable

Pictures Of Pets That Look Exactly Like Their Human Companions Are Adorable

Dog owners and their pets resemble one another, according to scientific research. According to a 2004 study in the journal Psychological Science, people could connect images of dogs and their owners based just on physical resemblances.

And according to a 2015 study that was published in the journal Anthrozoös, it’s the pairs’ similar eyes that stand out the most. The question of whether or whether people deliberately look for dogs that resemble them is still open.

But one thing is certain: seeing dogs that resemble their owners is common. And we have the evidence. Prepare to be amazed after viewing these 20 similar canine-human pairs!

1. Such Long Faces

Photo Credits – Image via Reddit


Reddit user alicethompsoo captured this basset hound and its owner as they were seen strolling through Boston. Their long faces and manner of walking are identical, and they share more than just the same brown, white, and black appearance.

2. This Stylish Pair

This Stylish Pair
Photo Credits – Channel 4 / Twitter

Anyone could find photo inspiration for their next visit to the hairdresser in this dog’s flawless blonde hair. His owner appears to agree wholeheartedly. This image was posted on Twitter by Channel 4 in the UK to promote a contest to find the most similar dog and owner. We believe they have a winner.

3. These Adorable Curlies

These Adorable Curlies
Photo Credits – Image via Twitter/@JulietteWoolf

The U.K. contest was entered into on Twitter by Juliette Woolf and Rosso the cockapoo, who is her dog. It’s simple to understand why.

4. Such Lovely Pouts

Such Lovely Pouts
Photo Credits – Image via Twitter

This pug’s owner made a fantastic imitation of the dog’s wide-eyed frowning expression. It makes sense why they received so many likes on Twitter.

5. These Cuddly Pals

These Cuddly Pals
Photo Credits – Image via Imgur

There’s a good chance that she and this Imgur user’s dog follow the same haircare routine. And we are fully supportive of it.

6. These Pierced Friends

These Pierced Friends
Photo Credits – Image via Twitter

People couldn’t get enough of Liam Rice’s humorous photo series of his husky, Luna, which he uploaded on Twitter. The couple’s gorgeous blue-gray eyes and the model-like looks on their faces are just two examples of how in sync they are in each image.

7. These Beautiful Smiles

These Beautiful Smiles
Photo Credits – Image via Reddit

Reddible shared pictures of this owner and her dog on Reddit, and it’s clear that they don’t hesitate to flash their pearly whites (quite a bit of tooth, to be honest).

8. This Colorful Pair

This Colorful Pair
Photo Credits – Image via Imgur

Two different eye colors, also known as heterochromia iridium, are incredibly rare. The fact that this woman and her dog both have one brown eye and one blue eye, on the same sides, in the image submitted by user @AnthonyNapkins on Imgur is quite perplexing.

9. This Flimsy Pair

This Flimsy Pair
Photo Credits – Image via Twitter

There is little doubt that this messy pair is related. Duncan, a dog owner, tweeted that he began to resemble his dog as his hair grew out.

10. These Elegant Seniors

These Elegant Seniors
Photo Credits – Image via Twitter

According to this tweet, Judith and her dog Jimmie have shared a lot of fun over the course of their long relationship, and they even have the same wavy gray hair to prove it.

11. These Hunks With Hazel Eyes

These Hunks With Hazel Eyes
Photo Credits – Topher Brody / Instagram

Topher Brody, a social media star, has built a successful career on the similarity between him and Rosenberg, his Ausiedoodle of a similar color. This is one of their earlier photos, but Brody’s Instagram is full of many more.

12. This Gorgeous Strawberry-Blonde Couple

This Gorgeous Strawberry-Blonde Couple
Photo Credits – Image via Twitter

Caroline didn’t hesitate to admit on Twitter that she shares Joey’s hairstyle.

13. These Mops Are

These Mops Are
Photo Credits – Shutterstock

Based on their matching wet hairstyles and laid-back attitudes, it appears that these human and canine friends spent a summer day working out in a water park.

14. This Monochromatic Relationship

This Monochromatic Relationship
Photo Credits – Image via Twitter

A picture of this twinned moment was shared on Twitter five years ago by comedian Joel McHale. The similarities between these two, though, continue to amaze us.

15. This Pair Of Pigtails

This Pair Of Pigtails
Photo Credits – Image via Twitter

Marv tweeted this photo of him and his spaniel Sally while he was waiting for the Springer Rescue owner and dog look-alike competition in the U.K. We can only imagine that they scared the rivals away with their amazing similarity.

16. Those Mouth Breathers

Those Mouth Breathers
Photo Credits – Image via Twitter

Maddie Edwards shared a picture of her dog and her look-alike moment on Twitter. She was the only person awake for the photo, yet they still got it right.

17. These Gorgeous Sleepers

These Gorgeous Sleepers
Photo Credits – Image via Twitter

Twitter user @JAMSXD posted pictures of herself and her dog taking naps together while they were dressed alike and making the same facial expressions. They make a great team!

18. These Happy Guys

These Happy Guys
Photo Credits – Image via Reddit

Corgi Chip and his owner are clearly quite happy together, as you can see from this Reddit photo—and they even have a very similar smile!

19. These Ladies In White

These Ladies In White
Photo Credits – John Paul Hunter / Instagram

John Paul Hunter, a Londoner, witnessed this woman walking through the streets of England with a dog whose hair closely matched her own. The hashtag #whiteperm was used to share the dogglegangers on Instagram.

20. This Group Of Sleepers

This Group Of Sleepers
Photo Credits – Image via Reddit

A man and his dog are seen here striking the same stance as they try to get some rest, as photographed by Reddit user electricianerer250.

What do you think about this cute list? If you have any more pictures to share, Please share them with us in the comments, and don’t forget to spread the news so that we can hear from more people.

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