Guy ‘Cat-Proofs’ His Christmas Tree — But Someone Sees It As A Test

Kanye is a sweet cat who clearly enjoys everything Christmas.

Perhaps even a little bit too much.

Kanye’s owner, Daniel James Wallace, chose to adorn his home with a tiny Christmas tree this year, one that his cat could appreciate more easily.

However, once it was adorned with lights and shiny ornaments, Kanye’s enthusiasm appeared to resemble destruction.

He couldn’t take his hands off the thing.

Wallace decided to “cat-proof” the tree by hanging it upside down from the ceiling, out of Kanye’s grasp.

Of course, he could still see it from there. But simply staring would not suffice for Kayne.

Kayne appears to have seen the transfer of the Christmas tree to the roof as a challenge – a one he was more than willing to accept.

The cat began to scheme

As Wallace stood there, maybe sure that his cat-proofing efforts had not been in vain, the following occurred

Kanye set his sights on the tree with one massive leap and scuttle up the wall.

And… he got it.

Kanye had returned the Christmas tree to its original location on the floor, in disorder.

While it may not have been Wallace’s chosen arrangement, he was amused enough by Kanye’s antics to post it online with the caption: “Hang it from the ceiling they said…”

Everything was in good fun.

“I thought it was hilarious,” Wallace explained to The Dodo.

After all, Christmas is all about love and acceptance, even if it can look a little different when shared with a cat.

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