77 Year Old Grandma Stands At Atm When 3 Men Appear: Seconds Later, They Realize They Chose The Wrong Pensioner To Rob

Messing with the elderly is never a smart idea because they have lived long enough to have learned everything there is to know about life and how things really work.

It’s interesting that three young people who wanted to pretend to be thieves discovered this personally. They won’t even attempt to approach elderly folks in the near future. We are confident. Before they attempt to create anything as ridiculous as these gangsters attempted, others may learn a lesson from this story.

Winifred Peel, a 77-year-old grandmother
Photo Credits – Neįtikėtini fakta

Winifred Peel, a 77-year-old grandmother, had a normal day. She had just started a walk when she made the decision to stop at the closest ATM. She ran into Piper Dumitru, Florin Geblescu, and Felix Stoica at that point. They thought they had the “perfect plan,” but when they learned they had gotten involved with the wrong individual, it all fell apart.

Photo Credits – Neįtikėtini fakta

The woman attempted to withdraw some money when she abruptly felt someone behind her. She immediately understood that it wasn’t a person in line; rather, it was a robber looking for her money. Peel was pushed off balance as his friend attempted to steal £200 from her.

As she remembered seeing them the previous day, she was aware that they had planned this move. Since the time she exited the bank, they had been following her.

She grabbed one of the guys by the collar and used all her might to bash his head against the ATM because she was fast to realize that she couldn’t let those boys make her look like a victim. She then informed the police about the incident.

Photo Credits – Neįtikėtini fakta

The police who responded to the location were able to locate the three males. They were accused, and they are currently incarcerated, as is just fair. Although she hoped the attackers would spend some time in jail, Peel says she initially thought they would just be given a warning. Peel was relieved to discover the attackers had been sentenced to jail.

Peel was impacted by this event in a way she never imagined possible. They didn’t care about how this would affect me, she said, according to Metro. I’d say this has transformed my life for the better; I’ll never be as confident as I previously was. I only wish I had more confidence.

Although she now worries that she might be attacked again, we are fortunate that this brave lady was not hurt. She was able to come out of that circumstance, however, as a victor because of her bravery and the fact that she frequented the gym in her 70s.

Elderly people are thought to be easy targets by thugs, but thankfully, there are more people like Winifred who fight back when they find themselves in a tight spot. Watch the video down below to see what I mean. The video depicts the senior fighting back and punching the robber who attacked him at the ATM.

The next time you assume that seniors are an easy target, reconsider.

What do you think about this brave lady? Have you or someone you know experienced a similar situation? Please let us know, and don’t forget to spread the news so that we can hear from more people.

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  1. …..these thugs are lucky she didn’t pull a weapon on them. More and more senior citizens, who can’t defend themselves, are getting their CCW license or arming themselves due to states with constitutional carry….and they are not afraid to defend themselves now.

  2. My grandmother lived in Pittsburgh Pa. She raised 7 kids by herself as she was left a widow early on. She was in downtown Pittsburgh and followed these guys that snipped a lady’s purse strap. She followed him for 7 city
    Blocks. My grandmother was in her late 70’s at the time. She followed him until She got a policeman’s attention and told him about it. He was able to catch the crook. My gram was the best! Stuck at the airport, she’d have them ready to come home with her. God Bless you gram. The worlds a better place with more people like you.

  3. First I am 80 + years. I never use an ATM. However I do carry semi auto magic with me whoever I go. I am very capable of using it. This 77 year old woman has learned a serious lesson of life. Look the area over before we enter size the crowd up before make ourselves victims it usually takes very little to scare these individuals away.
    Women are more often attacked than men. Parking Lots of large stores is a favorite spot of thugs. Clear area first

  4. Back in the late 1940’s, my Dad went to work and a drunk neighbor came to our home wanting in. My Mother grabbed a broom, pointed at him and said, “You get outta here, you old drunk, or I’ll shoot you.” He left and never returned. I wonder if he really thought that broom was a gun. I think Mother did!

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