These Household Items Have Amazing Hidden Uses

These Household Items Have Amazing Hidden Uses

1. A Broken Lightbulb Can Be Removed With The Help Of A Potato

A Broken Lightbulb Can Be Removed With The Help Of A Potato

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Have you ever been in a situation like this? The sharp edges of a broken light bulb are protruding from the socket, yet the lightbulb is still in the socket. When trying to unscrew the bulb, avoid cutting yourself on the glass. Don’t worry if the first thing that sprang to mind when attempting to solve this issue wasn’t a potato. We also wouldn’t have considered it!

Stick half of a potato on the lightbulb so that the sharp ends are completely covered before unscrewing it. The potato should be cut at the pointed edge. The light bulb should be able to be unscrewed with the potato after you begin to twist it. You can use a ton of common stuff around the house in practical ways, like this one. Who knew potatoes were useful for things outside just eating?

2. Make A Plate Out Of A Takeout Box

Make A Plate Out Of A Takeout Box
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Aside from being incredibly tasty, ordering takeout also saves a ton of time. Despite the fact that everyone wishes they had the time to cook at the end of a long day, this is not usually the case. Not to mention how much work it is to clean up after cooking. Who doesn’t enjoy having their favorite pizza or Chinese food delivered easily and not having to wash a single dish?

Takeout food frequently comes in those familiar, well-known paper packaging. There’s a reason why these can be folded. The takeaway container can be laid flat and used as a plate by opening up the box’s corners. There is no reason to use a plate that you will need to clean afterwards. Both busy individuals and lazy people can benefit from this technique. Best. Dinner. Ever. Easy!

3. Stop The Foil From Rolling

Stop The Foil From Rolling
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Isn’t it annoying when you want to wrap your leftovers in aluminum foil, and all of a sudden, the entire roll flies out? It turns out that the box already has a fix for that specific problem. Although businesses put a lot of attention into their packaging and products, it’s remarkable that the majority of us are unaware of these useful tricks. They are aware of how much convenience means to their clients. Tin foil is no different.

Take your foil and head to the kitchen, then peek at the very end. See those tiny tabs? They should be pushed in. You won’t have to strain to hold the roll the next time you reach inside to grab some tin foil. Roll will fit tightly within the box. The fact that someone came up with this brilliant solution before we even realized we had an issue makes us wonder who had the idea. Issue fixed!

4. Fill A Bucket With A Dustpan

Fill A Bucket With A Dustpan
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You understand how difficult it might be to fill a bucket with water from a tiny sink so that you can wash your car. You may need to use single glasses of water to fill the bucket if it doesn’t fit in the sink. Nobody wants to waste so much time like this. While you might not have a dustpan around the house, not everyone has a hose extension.

You only require a dustpan with a handle. The pan should be placed in the sink, close to the faucet. The handle must face outward. Once the water is running, place your bucket beneath the handle. You can now fill your bucket with your very own spout. Easily fills the bucket. We’ll take it as a practical alternative to the hose extension, even though it’s not what the trusted dust pan was intended for.

5. Measuring With Plastic Cups

Measuring With Plastic Cups
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Red Solo cups are made specifically for measuring. Even though almost everyone has used a red or blue plastic cup at some point, many people are still unaware that you can measure liquids using the lines on the cups! Three lines can be seen on the cup: the bottom line, which reads 1 oz, the middle line, 5 oz, and the top line, 12 oz. These are most frequently used as serving sizes for alcohol.

Wine, liquor, and beer serving sizes are suggested below. For instance, one ounce equals one shot of alcohol, five ounces is equal to one serving of wine, and twelve ounces is equal to one serving of beer. In order to avoid overserving yourself or others, you would know how much to pour into a cup. Red Solo cups are an odd choice for measuring purposes, but who would have imagined it?

6. To Prevent A Pot From Boiling Over, Use A Spoon

To Prevent A Pot From Boiling Over, Use A Spoon
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Every grandmother and nana will be aware of this, but if yours has never revealed this little tip to you, we’ll let you in on it now. All you need is a dry wooden spoon to keep your pot from boiling over. Although it can appear like a very strange method of spill prevention, we assure you that we are not joking. This trick really does work.

Put a wooden spoon across the top of the pot to stop it from boiling over and destroying your stovetop. Wood does not absorb water. Thus that is how it works. Therefore, when the water bubbles up to the spoon’s surface, it is effectively rejected, and the bubbles go down. The wooden object, in other words, causes the water to recede. It controls the bubbling and keeps it in the pot! Any dry wooden object would work, of course, but a wooden spoon is usually available in the kitchen.

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