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The Yorkshireman With The “Longest Nose In The World”

The Yorkshireman With The "Longest Nose In The World"

A Yorkshireman named Thomas Wadhouse was well-known for having a large appendage on his face at the beginning of the 1700s. That would be a schnozzle of 7.5 inches.

He was known as Thomas Wedders and had the posthumous distinction of having the “Longest Nose in the World.”

Wedder was born in Yorkshire in 1730, and throughout the middle of the 18th century, he appeared in numerous sideshows and circuses because of his enormous nose.

Wedders’ nose reportedly measured 7.5 inches, which is about the same size as a typical pair of kitchen scissors, an iPad mini, or more than four golf balls lined up.

Due to the evidence supporting his abnormally enormous nose

Photo Credits – The Strand

Due to the evidence supporting his abnormally enormous nose, the Guinness World Records awarded him the posthumous title of “World’s largest Nose.”

It is believed that Thomas Wedders is a man about whom not much is known outside of his peculiar appearance. There are certain stories that seem to suggest that he might be a bit of an “idiot”; an article in The Strand magazine made mention of this.

The quote from The Strand reads, “But either his chin was too weak or his brow too low, or Nature had so worn herself out in the job of giving this prodigy a nose as to totally neglect to endow him with brains, or perhaps the nose crowded out this latter quality.

In any case, it’s been said that the Yorkshireman passed away with his nose still attached and in a state of mind that can only be defined as the utmost idiocy.

A wax replica of Wedder’s creation is currently on display at Ripley’s Believe it or Not Odditoriums. You can now clearly see how large the 7.5-inch snout actually was, whether the story’s historical details are accurate or have become distorted through time.

You can view the replica of Wedder’s creation below:

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