“Either Dog Goes, or I Go,” The girlfriend gives an ultimatum

The girlfriend gives an ultimatum

While it is true that a dog is a man’s best friend, for some individuals, this relationship is much more vital. Family dogs are loved members that cannot be replaced. One man had such feelings for his dog, and he was not going to let anything get in the way of their bond.

Unidentified man from Roanoke, Virginia, was faced with a difficult decision. He shared his home with his beagle, Molly. He’d been dating the same woman for four years and thought they were a perfect match. He offered because he wanted to make her move in with him.

The man was surprised at how unappreciative the girl was of the invitation. Instead, she presented him with a challenging option: moving in with her or giving up his dog.

Animal-friendly people tend to be very appealing to many of us. One can learn a lot about someone by the way they treat an animal, including how empathic they are with other animals. There are many of women who would be happy to live with their partner and his dog, but this is not one of them.

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We might never find out why the woman is unwilling to let the adorable beagle live in her house. She might have envied the man and his dog’s intimate bond. Alternatively, it’s possible that she didn’t want to be in charge of caring for someone else. Whatever the reason, it was clear that this girl was proving that she was not the kind, caring woman that the man had imagined her to be.

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Whether this choice was easy or difficult, we may never know. The person may have debated on his plan of action for hours while lying in bed at night, or he may have recognized it immediately. He undoubtedly acted with humor when he did decide to do so.

The man turned to the internet to find answers to his problems. He posted an ad on Craigslist in hopes that someone would be willing to take in the being that was causing him so much trouble. Everything about his article is great.

The girlfriend gives an ultimatum
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My girlfriend and my beagle Molly are not friends. I must therefore locate her a new home. She is a purebred from a rich area that I’ve owned for four years. She likes to play video games. not entirely qualified. Due to her long hair, she requires a fair amount of maintenance, especially on her nails, but she enjoys having them done.

While I’m at work, she talks and talks nonstop all night. only eats the most expensive, high-end food. won’t ever show you unconditional love when you’re feeling down or welcome you home after a long day. She is really scathing even though she doesn’t bite!

Are you interested in knowing more about my narcissistic, wicked, and gold-digging girlfriend of 30 years? Come and get her! She has to find a new home, and my dog and I want her to.

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When faced with a situation that is actually difficult, this is by far the finest reaction. The relationship between this man and his dog was also maintained, and he spared himself years of difficulties with a person who did not share his basic values.

If she couldn’t even agree to live with the dog that he had owned for a number of years, what hope did the couple have of coming to an agreement on more crucial issues?

This man made the best choice, and he did it in the most incredible way. When she saw the post for herself, the ex-girlfriend undoubtedly felt ashamed.

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Karma exists undoubtedly in the world. Making selfish decisions attracts negative energy back to us. He helped her leave a little more easy by getting rid of his dog after she threatened to leave if he didn’t. Be careful what you wish for.

Please let your loved ones and friends KNOW about this.

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  1. Not all people are dog people. Didn’t grow up with dogs so I don’t get treating them like they are human, the “they are family”, sleeping with them and eating/ drinking with them out of the same glass or plate.

    I like dogs just fine but not their owners.

    • I have 2 pit bulls and I do treat them like family ! If you can not treat your dog this way , don’t get one . You don’t know what you are missing , dedicated love they give and protection. If my dog don’t like you then I’m with him . They can since if you are not a animal person .

  2. It isn’t clear whether he is marrying the lady or not. Moving in is vague. He could move her out any day if she’s just a girlfriend.
    The lady is sincere enough to express her feelings about the dog. Women are jealous by nature and most can’t afford to share their love space with anybody, particularly their beds. The affinity between the man and dog is not only obvious but higher than with his girlfriend.
    People have phobias and you can’t blame them for that.
    If his dog plays the role of a woman in the house, he doesn’t need to ask any further.
    Who moves out if his child doesn’t like do

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