Robin Williams Grieved Every Night And Avoided Sharing His Wife’s Bed In The Days Following His Diagnosis

Robin Williams Grieved Every Night And Avoided Sharing His Wife's Bed In The Days Following His Diagnosis

One of the best comedians of his generation, Robin Williams, had a heart of compassion in addition to his quick wit and memorable one-liners.

The world lost one of its brightest stars when he passed away in 2015. Williams wasn’t just a well-known comedian; he was an icon to millions of people. Williams’ death shook everyone who had ever recognized them as a fan.

The actor, 63 years old when he passed away, actually struggled with demons while maintaining a happy appearance. Though much has been stated about the possible causes of his choice to commit su*icide, it seems clear that his deteriorating mental health played a significant part at this point.

Williams’ final days were reportedly painful and chaotic. His wife, Susan Schneider, said that her husband seemed to be “living a nightmare” during that time.

Robin Williams was a symbol of joy and excitement for countless people. It’s difficult to imagine that the actor was ever unhappy, given his larger-than-life roles, energetic on-screen performances, and jumpy, joyful manner.

But nevertheless…

The Jumanji actor suffered immensely from despair and grief, and he could not bear the suffering of his final days. Due to serious mental health problems, his death was deemed a sui*cide.

Williams had faced challenges in the past—alcoholism and affairs had a negative impact on his existence as a celebrity in Hollywood—but it wasn’t until he received a shocking diagnosis that the depressing nature of his circumstance became intolerable.

Williams may have been excused for believing that the more sensational sides of his life were behind him after being married to Susan Schneider, his third wife, whom he met in an Apple store in 2007.

Following their marriage, which included the actor and Schneider writing their vows, the couple moved in with her two children.

Williams started having troubling symptoms, including stomachaches and tingling nerve endings, just two years into their marriage, though.


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Williams’ problems, according to Schneider, resulted in paranoia and episodes of insomnia. The situation worsened to the point where the actor even confided to his immediate family that he was certain he was passing away.

Williams was then given a Parkinson’s disease diagnosis by medical professionals in 2014.

Williams’ illness deteriorated, his wife was told to sleep in a different room, and Williams himself was having such a hard time adjusting that he even asked Schneider if they were still together.

Schneider called her late husband’s persistent paranoia, anxiety, and moderate melancholy “satellite issues” and referred to them as such.

Schneider ultimately decided that Williams should visit a neurocognitive institution for additional testing.

The star agreed, but regrettably, a week prior to the appointment, he was discovered dead in a bedroom. He had committed sui*cide.

Williams’ mistake was discovered by medical professionals after he went away, which was the biggest tragedy of all. He didn’t have Parkinson’s disease; instead, Lewy Body Dementia was more likely to be the cause of his symptoms.

According to Schneider, her late husband was visibly distressed by his situation as time went on and would openly cry. She compared Lew’s Body Dementia to chemical brain warfare.

She went on to say that despite his lack of sui*cidal tendencies, she did not believe Williams was at risk.

Robin Williams is sorely missed. He was a wonderfully inspirational person as well as a one-of-a-kind entertainer.

What’s your favorite Robin Williams movie? Do you miss him? Please let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to spread the news so that we can hear from more people.

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    1. I don’t have a favorite movie I love them all he made me laugh a lot helped me through dark times with his humor too he is dearly missed and my condolences go to his lovely wife and daughter

    2. With Robin you can’t pick one film As a favorite, her was that one in a million actor that could inspire you so much that all your happy thoughts from your childhood would pour into our very sole, lifting up to heights you never knew were possible.. Robin’s films always left you With a warm heart and a smile..
      Robin’s passing hit home for me very deeply. My prayers continues to go out to his wife and family. Robin passed on my brothers Birthday and we lost him on August 23 2009 in the same way we lost Robin.
      Forever in our hearts, forever hear the laughter, Robin and my brother Richard.

    3. Robin will always be Mork to me as it was my favorite show ever! I loved him on stage doing stand up and I loved every movie he was in. My heart is so saddened that he is no longer with us. He was a genius, ahead of his time, and wise in so many ways.

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    5. Robin brought so much joy to life. I went out of my way to catch every talk show he was a guest on. I loved to watch him take over the shoe from the host. He was so talented. Thanks for telling us his story. I am personally very glad to hear it. I was also diagnosed with a mental disorder then told that I had been misdiagnosed. It is tough to work through the maze.

    Written by actbiggy