Rescuers Fly Plane Packed With 27 Puppies To Save Them From Euthanasia

Rescuers Fly Plane Packed With 27 Puppies To Save Them From Euthanasia

Most likely, by this point, you’re among the millions of people who have seen 26-year-old Cassandra Bergeron’s TikTok post showing a tiny plane chock full of adorably adorable puppies.

According to Bergeron, who spoke to Daily Paws, the 27 dogs appeared to be enjoying their 45-minute journey from Alabama to Orlando, Florida, which most likely prevented their euthanasia.

Even though Bergeron was in no rush when the plane landed, the dogs have immediately whisked away to several different rescues and shelters.

“I felt complete happiness. I didn’t want to land “She claims. I was smiling nonstop the entire time.

Bergeron uploaded the TikTok video after the incident happened, although the rescue flight took place in July. The aspiring pilot, Bergeron’s friend, asked if she would like to volunteer for the rescue flight. The dog-lover Bergeron jumped at the opportunity.

You can watch the viral TikTok video below:

@cassventuresRescue flight! All puppies have been adopted ????

♬ Good Day – Nappy Roots

She traveled with her friends and Michael Young, a pilot and professor at the University of Central Florida who is the driving force behind the Alabama Puppy Rescue Flights. They flew out of Orlando and landed in Enterprise, Alabama. The dogs were waiting.

According to Bergeron, they spent around an hour on the ground. They verified that they had all of the dogs’ records and cleaned up a few of them.

They gave each of them some honey to help with any motion sickness after that—”they liked it,” she says—and let them play and run about for a while so they would be nice and worn out for the return journey. These are so adorable.

They were overjoyed to see people, according to Bergeron.

Finally, it was time to take off. Volunteers packed as many dogs as possible into the plane after the first four passengers boarded. 27 could all fit inside Young’s plane.

Finally, it was time to take off. Volunteers packed as many dogs as possible into the plane after the first four passengers boarded. 27 could all fit inside Young's plane.



Although her friends in the back were essentially drowned in roughly 20 dogs, Bergeron was tasked with caring for the smallest (and chunkiest) puppies in the front passenger seat. In order to put as many dogs as possible on board, the humans had brought nothing essentially with them.

Perhaps as a result of playtime before the flight, the dogs remained calm for the brief journey.

Their task was to avoid bothering Young, which Bergeron and her friends successfully accomplished. The only drawback, according to Bergeron, was a few puppy accidents. She and her companions were indeed somewhat “soaked,” but that’s alright!

Bergeron’s friend also did a fantastic job of keeping the 6-month-old larger puppy in the back of the plane, as you can see in the TikTok, viewed more than 12 million times. She has since learned that the puppy is being trained to become a police dog.

When they arrived in Orlando, about 15 additional volunteers were already there. The puppies were loaded up and taken to Florida rescues, where they would soon be available for adoption.

The puppies were sent to the following organizations on that day: Abby’s Animal Rescue, Creengan Canine Rescue, Openheart—Rescue Division, Save a Life Pet Rescue, All Paws on Deck, A Forever Home Rescue, and Florida Pointer Rescue. (For those who are looking for adoption for a puppy, the dogs have probably all been adopted by this point, but we’re positive that these rescues still have pups available.)

we're positive that these rescues still have pups available

In recent years, including very lately, some shelters in the southern states have experienced overcrowding, putting pets at risk of euthanasia in a number of instances.

This implies that the people who conduct Alabama Puppy Rescue Flights, who appear to recover puppies every week, have probably saved a lot of canine lives. Bergeron claims that Young has personally saved more than 7,000 dogs.

She didn’t anticipate her video being viewed as much as it was, but the feedback has been overwhelmingly kind and gracious.

Even individuals from other countries who rescue dogs have inquired about contributing. Bergeron, for her part, flew on two additional rescue missions following the one in July. She later relocated to Atlanta. Otherwise, she would have offered even more support.

The seat on that plane is the best place, she claims.

Your pets wellness is very very important. Always take care of them.

This is one of the best animal rescue stories.

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