Parents Were Criticized For Allowing Their Toddler To “Run Wild” On An Eight-Hour Flight

Parents Were Criticized For Allowing Their Toddler To "Run Wild" On An Eight-Hour Flight

It was best summed up by a social media monitor who said: “My parents would have kicked me off the plane mid-flight,”

Millions of people have watched the viral video of the little child scaring the passengers on the plane, which has sparked a controversial discussion on how the parents should have “managed” the issue.

The now-viral video was first shared on Reddit’s well-liked “Public Freakout” section on Wednesday with the headline “letting children run free during an 8-hour trip,” garnering close to 20,000 “upvotes” and comments like “this should be an ad for condoms” and “this is why I hate kids, especially at this toddler age.”

Watch the wild viral video here:

The shocking image shows the “believed to be from the US” pig-tailed hellion joyfully bouncing up and down on top of a tray table, visibly startling the male passenger seated in the seat in front of her.

He maintained his patience with the — in the words of Reddit commenters — “little brat,” but furious viewers didn’t do so; they instead doled out tons of parenting advice.

One irritated commenter said, “I might be awful, but I’ve never wanted a tray table to fail as much watching that.” the poor person in front.

I would NEVER allow one of my kids to disrupt someone in this way

Photo Credits – Reddit/PublicFreakouts

“I would NEVER allow one of my kids to disrupt someone in this way,” chimed in another Reddit troll. It’s one thing to speak a little loudly. It is utterly incorrect to let your child leap into airplane seats while holding onto a stranger’s chair. I hope he got something back from that dude. The parents likely did not see anything wrong with this. UNACCEPTABLE!!!”

Others were more considerate of in-flight sanitary standards: “I would feel like a terrible parent if my kids were doing this and I was just straight up permitting it,” and “I would feel like a failing parent if my kids were doing this.” The bouncing and the bare feet on the tray table are both clearly annoying. Always wipe down your stations, folks.

Some justice crusaders on social media attempted to place the responsibility for the uproar on the flight crew
Photo Credits – Reddit

Some justice crusaders on social media attempted to place the responsibility for the uproar on the flight crew: “Shouldn’t the flight attendants have intervened?” one commentator asked. “If so, I hope the airline gave that passenger some sort of compensation.”

Ironically, one flight attendant last week became famous for releasing the names of the “most despised passengers” on airplanes: And it’s not loud children.

In fact, according to six-year friendly skies veteran Kat Kalamani, it’s frequently the irate people who complain about said misbehaving children who put the “a*ss” in “passenger.”

This former US flight attendant is addressing the issue of which passengers are the most annoying, which, according to common assumption, are not crying kids, amid nonstop headlines about nightmarish airline passengers. In a video with nearly 2 million views, she asserted that the passengers who complain about screaming babies annoy the cabin workers the most.

You can watch her video here:

Nothing as a flight attendant aggravates us more than hearing people gripe about babies crying, Kalamani told the audience. In the second video, “Karen,” who appears irate, is shown calming a crying infant who is off-camera while flying.

As The Post previously covered in its coverage of her clip, although these passengers may think of themselves as the heroes of the flight, in reality, they are a nuisance to both the crew and other passengers.

Instead of whining about weeping children, Kalamani advises agitated travelers to prepare by taking “noise canceling headphones” or, (gasp!) perhaps simply calmly “ask the parent if they need help.”

Have you experienced this kind of situation while traveling on a flight? What do you think about kids disturbing others? Please let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to spread the news so that we can hear from more people.

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    1. I was on an eight hour flight with several children and their parents. One baby cried because I’m sure the change in altitude hurt his little ears. My friend complained. She has never had children. I explained it to her and she didn’t complain again. I would never allow my kids to do what that little girl did though that’s for sure.

    2. You do you. It is a joy to see someone truly happy these days doing what they want and having a blast. Oblivious to all the complaining around her. Enjoy yourself while you can little girl. Your happiness is under attack. You are just to young and unaware to see it. You will sadly be converted to surpressing other peoples hapiness as you grow older. You won’t even realize it. You will be brainwashed into thinking you are the hero bringing structure to a chaotic world when you are really destroying the joy living and the innocence of youth. That’s a baby! Climb in a box and fly in the cargoho

    3. We had just got on the plane when a child about two years old, strapped in a car seat right behind me started a tantrum. I tolerated it for about half a minute, then knelt in my seat, facing the child and told her, “That will be enough, no more, no more. Thank you.” She stopped immediately, the mother said, “Thank you” and the child didn’t make a sound for the rest of the trip.

      • Bravo! Sometimes all it takes is an adult whose NOT AFRAID to speak directly to a child. Coaxing them in a calm voice, outlining expected behavior, offering an alternative of quiet play or attention with a story, puzzle, or appropriate toys could be the best answer. Figit toys are made to be used in small spaces to calm. We bring our own devices, little ones need theirs too, with a firm “NO” if necessary.

    Written by actbiggy