It Made Me Cry When The Dog Tried To Befriend A Boy With Down Syndrome Who Was Alone And Had No Friends

It Made Me Cry When The Dog Tried To Befriend A Boy With Down Syndrome Who Was Alone And Had No Friends

This is the most touching video I’ve ever seen, and I can’t stop crying.

“She said to me “God didn’t make a mistake when he made me,” and her daddy told her she was a “Gift from God.”

This is what James Joseph Stenson stated in the video’s description. He posted this video of a Down syndrome kid with Himalaya, a stunning Golden Retriever.


However, The Video Has Received Millions Of Views

Hernan Jim Stenson was informed by the little boy’s mother Ana that he dislikes physical contact. However, something about this dog’s persistence spoke to Hernan even though he withdrew from any attempt.

However, The Video Has Received Millions Of Views

He does retreat when Himalaya tries to approach, but ultimately, this golden girl can speak to this adorable kid.

“That dog had the wisdom and compassion to comfort the boy, who did appear to be upset. That’s incredible.

I saw a viewer who was touched.

He could be right, too.

We will all never understand what it's like to have Down syndrome. And those who have the illness can't really tell us what they've experienced

We will all never understand what it’s like to have Down syndrome. And those who have the illness can’t really tell us what they’ve experienced. The only thing we have is good old science.

Himalaya never looks away from Hernan. Although she respects his request for privacy, she still stares at him anxiously as if to convince him that “everything would be fine. I love you and think you are gorgeous.”

everything would be fine

She eventually makes her way over to Hernán, where she rests her paw on his palm and then nudges his leg with her nose.

In response, Hernan reaches out to stroke Himalaya’s paw.

She turns over on her back to show the boy that she trusts him just as much as he trusts her

She turns over on her back to show the boy that she trusts him just as much as he trusts her. Hernan watches the dog with interest and wonders why this golden furry ball is so gentle and loving.

Little buddy, here’s a puppy for you!

Little buddy, here's a puppy for you!

Hernan is still uncomfortable being touched, but he isn’t exactly pushing her away, either. Himalaya stays with the boy, occasionally reassuring him that she is reliable by reaching out with a paw.

David Globalflier concluded his comments by stating:

That Awesome Labrador can feel differences in people, which is so magical and moving. They know that little guy is a special child.


Whether Himalaya or other dogs can distinguish between a person’s genetic make-up is unknown. We only know that all they want is to love everyone.

We learn more about this medical issue from Healthline’s description of Down syndrome.

“Both parents contribute their genes to their offspring in every event of reproduction. Chromosomes contain the genes in question. Each of the baby’s cells is expected to receive 23 pairs of chromosomes when it develops, totaling 46 chromosomes. The mother contributes half of the chromosomes, and the father contributes the other half.


One of the chromosomes fails to correctly split in children with Down syndrome. Instead of two copies of chromosome 21, the baby has three copies or an additional partial copy. As the brain and physical features mature, this additional chromosome causes issues.

Himalaya is unconcerned, regardless of the situation. When she places her paw on Hernan’s shoulder, she lets him know that she will stick by his side even if he doesn’t feel comfortable with having someone so close to him.

You can watch the heartwarming video below:

What do you think about this heartwarming story? Did it make you cry? Please let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to spread the news so that we can hear from more people.

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    1. Sometimes animals have more sense and compassion than humans. That was a beautiful story. I can only wish more folks were like Himalaya, there would be fewer wars and less evil in this old world.

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