Husband Falls Into Coma After Crash, But Wife Refuses To Give Up On Him—Then He Wakes Up

Husband Falls Into Coma After Crash, But Wife Refuses To Give Up On Him—Then He Wakes Up

Matt Davis was gravely hurt in a motorbike accident before he and Danielle Davis had been married for a year. In July 2011, when he was merging onto an interstate, he struck a car that had been parked improperly. His wounds were many and serious, resulting in several shattered bones, organ damage, and brain trauma. He was in a coma and on life support.

She Trusted Her Intuition

There was a “90% likelihood” that Danielle’s husband would not awaken from the coma, according to the doctors, who advised Danielle to remove him from life support.

He had lacerations in his liver, many fractures in his femur, jaw, ribs, collarbone, and skull, as well as a severe brain injury.

He had a 10% probability of waking up and a 5% chance of fully recovering as a result. Danielle claimed in a televised broadcast that she had been advised by doctors that they would turn off the machine if it were them.

“They indicated they’d want their family to act in that way.” Even though she refused to heed their suggestions, she said. “I was confident that God could deliver us from that. It wasn’t too huge for God, in my opinion, she continued.

Only two months had passed between Matt and Daniella’s dates before they got engaged. Matt was 23 years old, while she was 24.

The incident took place seven months later. Sadly, Matt’s father had passed away two years prior. The end effect was that after his accident, he was left in a situation where his mother couldn’t care for him. Daniella made a choice to keep him on life support.

Since he had suffered a brain injury, Matt had no memory of Daniella when he awoke. He was content with his choice to wed her, however. He told ABC News, “I’m really delighted I got married to her.

Up Until Death Do Us Part.

Danielle and Matt relocated back to her mother’s home, where they shared caregiving duties for Matt. He remained unconscious for the first three months.

He opened his eyes and began to look after them. Daniella recalled saying to her mother that she wanted Matt to have a room with a view, adding, “If we’ve got to bring him home, let’s make sure he gets the nicest view in the world.” “Let’s give him something to look at if he’s just going to be a body in a bed.”

Together, they attempted to encourage Matt to perform the simple tasks that his rehab therapist had him perform
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Together, they attempted to encourage Matt to perform the simple tasks that his rehab therapist had him perform, such as holding up an object and asking him to reach out and take it from them. Danielle recalls the occasion when he reached out and grabbed a doll motorcycle. Even though it doesn’t sound like much, to us, it was a miracle.


Watch the heartwarming video below:

A Little More Than Three Years After The Accident, He Took His First Steps

Though his cerebral injury took longer to recover than his physical condition, things did start to get better. He has had trouble getting his long-term memory back and cannot recall Danielle from before the accident. He had no memory of her when he awoke from the coma. They had to start afresh and get to know one another.

Rehabilitation takes time and costs money. Danielle created a GoFundMe to help with the expenses, but it is no longer live.

There she noted: “Matt has improved over the past three and a half years since his accident! He does not take any medications, and under supervision, he uses forearm crutches to travel short distances. Therapy won’t be covered by insurance anymore.

Traumatic brain injury sufferers require extensive rehabilitation, and even ten years after the accident, recovery progress is still being made. They frequently don’t attain their full potential since their insurance doesn’t cover the necessary quantity of therapy.

Matt’s sense of humor didn’t return right away. But after a few whiles, Daniella understood her husband still had the same quirky nature. He had requested his preferred dish, a buffalo chicken wrap from Cheddars. His favorite cheese before the accident was cheddar, so I know I heard him correctly even though he whispered.

Since 2017, Matt and Danielle’s Instagram account has not been updated. We’re hoping they’re doing great!

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