How Much Time You Spend In The Bathroom Tells A Lot About Who You Are

We all use the restroom every day, whether it’s to satisfy our urge to pee, take a shower, or simply get ready and apply some moisturizer or cosmetics. Most people we know tend to bring their phones, books, or newspapers with them when they go to the restroom in the morning because they spend some time there, but other people enter, flush the toilet, and go right away.

Some people often take long baths and showers, while others tend to rush through it so they can go back to their daily activities. Everything depends on the individual. Did you know your personality may be predicted by how much time you spend in the bathroom?

According to how long they spend in the restroom, there are three different categories of people:

1. You Don’t Want To Spend A Lot Of Time In The Restroom; You Just Go In And Go Out

You Don't Want To Spend A Lot Of Time In The Restroom; You Just Go In And Go Out

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Spending too much time in the restroom, in your opinion, is the most boring activity. You have the feeling that it is unclean at the back of your mind, which is another reason why you don’t like to stay for a long time.

How someone may go this long wondering what exactly they’re doing inside is absolutely beyond your understanding. If you can connect to this, you are usually on time for meetings, who clearly hates looking untidy, and who always picks up after yourself.

You also believe in making the most of each day, so you put more of your attention on things you can do than on lazily using the restroom.

2. You Frequently Stay Indoors, Which Has Become A Regular Part Of Your Day

After a long, tiring day, you look forward to taking a long, relaxing shower, yet you frequently fall asleep on the shower floor while scrolling through your phone. If this describes you, then you are someone who lives each day to the fullest since you realize it is pointless to worry about the future because it will inevitably happen.

Even though your life may appear chaotic and untidy to others, you have an order to everything that only you are capable of navigating.

You place a high priority on your mental health and understand that it’s alright to do things slowly because being late occasionally won’t cause any major problems.

3. There Are Days When You Take Your Time, And Then There Are Days When You Rush Out

There Are Days When You Take Your Time, And Then There Are Days When You Rush Out
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You know it’s good to break out of your routine and just take a hot shower while standing in it or to relax in the tub while reading a book and sipping wine. If you can relate to this, you are someone who understands when work-life balance should stop. Despite the fact that you enjoy socializing and have many friends, nothing compares to spending time by yourself at home.

Although you are aware that making mistakes is a part of being human, you will always be eager to come up with strategies to avoid making them in the first place. This is what makes you uniquely you.

Which group do you fit into, then?

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