Halle Berry Was Very Open About Her Feelings For Keanu Reeves

Halle Berry Was Very Open About Her Feelings For Keanu Reeves

One of the most well-liked actors in the world right now is Keanu Reeves. He served as the face of several successful Hollywood franchises over several decades, including “The Matrix,” “John Wick,” and “Bill & Ted,” which is obviously at least somewhat responsible for his success.

However, his conduct away from the camera has also contributed to his success in winning the hearts of many people worldwide.

Reeves is adored by his hordes of fans for his modesty, selfless deeds, and sincere acts of compassion. As a result, he has developed a reputation as one of the kindest people working in the film industry today.

It is not unexpected that many of Reeves' countless partners over the years have openly recalled how much they love working with him

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It is not unexpected that many of Reeves’ countless partners over the years have openly recalled how much they love working with him, usually confirming that his polite attitude is true.

Halle Berry, a co-star in “John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum,” has showered praise on action legend Keanu Reeves following their cooperation, as has been the case with many celebrities, Reeves has previously worked with. Berry highlighted, in particular, his professionalism on the set, which she claimed gave her fresh respect for the actor.

The “Work Crush” Of Halle Berry Is Keanu Reeves

The "Work Crush" Of Halle Berry Is Keanu Reeves
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Keanu Reeves makes completing enormous battle scenes and life-threatening actions look effortless, as audiences of the “John Wick” films, the “Matrix” series and his other roles in action movies are already well aware.

Halle Berry has defended the seasoned action star’s tremendous work ethic on “John Wick 3 in particular,” noting that he frequently trains harder than most, if not all, of his co-stars.

Berry, along with some of his fellow “John Wick” co-stars, attended Reeves’ memorial service for his achievements in cinema in 2019 at the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood. Berry gushed on Instagram about her “work crush” after the event, calling it “a highly deserved distinction for one of the hardest working performers” she’s ever met.

Berry even admitted that she was eager to break her ribs on the set of “John Wick 3” to impress Reeves since she loves working with him so much.

She spoke about being especially driven to go above and beyond to keep up with his brisk pace in an interview with Extra. “It was really quite fantastic. He’s so very amazing, and I wanted to be on par with him, so at first it was a little intimidating “Berry reflected. I didn’t want to let him down.

Berry “worked a little while with broken ribs until [she] could no longer do it,” though she is still unaware of the precise cause. Simply waiting for her wounds to heal allowed director Chad Stahelski to continue shooting. For her part, Berry referred to her injury as a “badge of honor.”

Berry Was Initially Drawn To The Idea Because She Admired Reeves

Berry Was Initially Drawn To The Idea Because She Admired Reeves
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Halle Berry disclosed that she was once approached about a part in “Speed,” the 1990s thriller starring Keanu Reeves, in a video interview that MTV News put to YouTube in conjunction with the release of “John Wick 3.”

Berry stated during her interview that “stupidity didn’t allow it to happen,” suggesting to now regret the choice in retrospect, even if the movie at the time looked considerably different and didn’t yet have Reeves as its star.

However, Reeves was obviously committed to the film when she was offered her part in “John Wick 3.” He was actually a factor in her decision to accept.

During a conversation about the stunt work expected of its actors, Berry mentioned how her adoration for Reeves contributed to her decision to join “John Wick 3.”

“The preparation for this was unlike anything I’ve ever done before. Keanu was in both 1 and 2, and I had seen behind-the-scenes videos of him, so I knew what to expect, “Berry reacted. I understood what I was getting into since I had seen and heard about his training, which was a big part of why I wanted to do it.”

For what it’s worth, the two actors genuinely love one another. Berry claimed that she wanted to “earn the right to be in the same room as Keanu” at a press event for “John Wick 3,” according to reports.

Halle, you’re an inspiration, Reeves retorted, “Oh come on.” Despite the fact that they have only worked together on “John Wick 3,” more movies featuring Berry and Reeves together may be forthcoming based on their appreciation for one another.

What do you think about Halle Berry’s feelings toward Keanu Reeves? Do you think they are an ideal couple? Please let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to spread the news so that we can hear from more people.



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  1. Keanu,
    You are a very special man!
    Keep it up and you’ll be know for all the good you’ve done. You are also one of the most talented actors of the 20th-21st century. You are a phenomenal human! Take care and keep up the good work, never let fame get in the way!
    Love you brother!

  2. I think Halle is very smart to speak so highly of Keanu. I love that she doesn’t hold back at all and is confident in expressing her feelings, respect and support for him. And her crush.
    From everything I’ve read about Keanu, he seems like quite the class act, without trying to impress a soul.
    I would love to take him out to lunch and discuss the homeless friends he’s made and just to talk about life with and how our actions matter. I know I have to get in line, but that’s ok.

  3. I think Halle Berry is being very honest about her feelings for Keanu Reeves. I believe Keanu is a fantastic actor who has obviously not let fame and fortune change the wonderful man he is. It is rare in this industry for an actor/actress to remain in touch with their humanness.

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