Farmers Refrain From Bidding At The Auction So A Young Man Can Win The Bid On His Long-Lost Family Farm

Farmers Refrain From Bidding At The Auction So A Young Man Can Win The Bid On His Long-Lost Family Farm

David, one of the participants in a session I recently led, responded to the query I had just asked the group ‘When did you last set a significant goal in your life without knowing how you were going to achieve it?’.

“In my life, I’ve experienced two incredibly humble days. My son’s birthday was the first one. The second was that remarkable day at the auction house. David replied to the question.

Eighty acres of their small Nebraskan family farm had been divided up and willed to distant relative generations before David was born. David was raised on this story because he comes from a long line of farmers, and it inspired him to restore the farm to its former glory.

David and his family were informed in 2011 that the valuable 80 acres would soon be sold at auction. David suddenly found himself at the ripe age of twenty-something, having to work out how to find an incredibly huge sum of money.

“Even though I had always wished to reclaim the land, when the time finally came, I wasn’t prepared.”

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After two weeks of careful preparation, creative thinking, and restless nights, he and his father arrived at their “best number” and prepared to enter the auction because they knew in their hearts that they had to give it their all.

That evening, their hearts plummeted the moment they entered the Auction House. Over 200 farmers were there, most of whom had far larger farms and greater resources and could outbid him and his father by a wide margin.

The session was called to order by the auctioneer, who also requested the opening bid. After exhaling deeply, David and his father exchanged glances before making theirs. The auctioneer called for a second offer after acknowledging their initial bid.

The room went completely silent.

The auctioneer gave up after making numerous tries to get another bid. When they got back together, a second offer was once more requested: silence. The room was completely silent during each of their three breaks. The auctioneer was finally forced to accept David and his father’s winning bid. David and his father were shocked to see the family farm completed once more.

The story David told us was filled with emotion, and as he told it, the other participants and I leaned forward, hanging on his every word.

When David had finished telling his story, I asked him what he believed had happened that evening in the auction house. Without skipping a beat, he looked at me with even more intensity and replied, “Respect.”

, he looked at me with even more intensity and replied
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The participants and I sat in silence for a long time while we considered David’s response, just like the farmers in the Auction House. The first thing that came to mind was, “There it is, another example of what’s good with our world; community.”

There are already enough people out there who collect stories about what’s wrong in the world, but I want to be a collector of stories like this one, stories that act as a constant reminder that there are many more positive things happening than negative ones.

There’s a proverb that goes, “If we believe it, we’ll see it.” I believe that when we concentrate on the positive aspects of the world, this is true for David and his farm as well as for us.

What do you think about this kind story of David? Have you encountered similar good people as these farmers in your life? Please let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to spread the news so that we can hear from more people.

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    1. i remember a few years back a family had a family farm for generations,but father became unable to work and signed up for disability social security. and later was told the state would take there farm to repay . i hoped someone would help them i just didn’t think that right

      • Thats not right cuz disability is an insurance u pay in for so there should be nothing to take back for,if u dont pay in u cant recieve,i know this cuz my husband born diabetic worked paid in and the old rules were 5 full yrs same job,he was denied,later it changed to if u paid in 7k a yr for 5 ur eligible which they still denied,thats the greedy social security!

    2. The story was a wonderful read. Life has many blessings if we just take a moment to appreciate them. Most people are good people but unfortunately there are a few bad ones that fret all the attention. I believe that if we stop giving them attention it would make a huge difference because they are seeking attention. They don’t care that it is negative attention they want to be in the spotlight.
      Lord Jesus please change the way people look at evil and don’t give them the power they are seeking. The news media should focus on the truth and great things people are doing.

    3. I was born with Cerebral Palsy. For me it causes pain, stiffness, need for medical equipment to walk.
      When I was in grade school I had the opportunity to go to public school – a far superior education than the “special” school provided to disabled children. The public school board could have blocked my attendance but they didn’t – my mom pleaded my case successfully. I don’t know what she did to get me in to that school. There were very hard days for me but somehow ℹ instinctively knew I had to stay there. 2 years later the bullying calmed down. I went on to practice Clinical Psychology.

      • I think it’s a great story, but I have been struggling with my sanity. I wish I could say what’s wrong but I can’t but I can say what’s right. God#1 and that beautiful girl that not gonna name.

    4. If this story is true, and I sincerely hope it is, it is an example of the goodness and respect that humans can have for each other. We all love to hear of the love that really can exist for each other.

      • The story is true it’s all over the internet about 200 farmers remaining silent so the owner could buy back his farm why would you even doubt it it amazes me how people can doubt the positive but believe all the negative and lies all over the web news etc I’m not saying anything u posted was wrong I was just curious why would anyone doubt this and then post they doubt itn

    5. Just when I thought we’re done, something like this happens. I’m so happy for David and his family. It seems nobody respects anybody anymore. Your own family members while even kill you for a dollar. You must be very special David.

      • I also wondered about the person who was selling the farm. They would have Lost money on the farm sale . And would’ve been left with quite a big loss on the deal.

    6. Great story. 2 or 3 yrs ago on Thanksgiving day my bf went to the Dollar General down the road, for what i forget. When he got there the cops were there so he asked the new manager what happened.
      Come to find out an elderly lady was caught stealing crackers & sausage ( i think) for her & her grown son.
      The idea of her going to jail for stealing food wasn’t something my bf could stomach, we all had food Waiting at home, so he asked if he could pay for what she took would they cut her a break. They did. My bf & another customer then took her thru store & bought her more before giving ride home

    7. This is lovely but I think it only tells a short history of that land. When will it be returned to the first nations people, the people who actually own the land in the first place and had it forcibly removed by colonists? (Who subsequently made it into farm land). It’s great to be nice to those in our own community, but also lets see beyond that and be kind to everyone including those we ‘other’.

      • The American Indians were once incomers themselves, and took what they found, as there was no one to stop them.
        That said, if the first American Civil War had gone differently, the Indians would have been able to rely on the treaties signed by the Crown, and the US would never have reached the West coast…

    8. Yes I actually have while back when we had a Kmart in our town in which they were the only place to do layaway in our town me and the wife went all out for our four kids with the intentions to pay it two weeks till Christmas the week after we did this place my wife was working at had closed down and was jobless now so I started working doubles I was working so much I was barely sleeping four hours saily and ended up getting hurt at work and was in hospital till two days prior and some gentleman had anonymously paid off everyones layaway to this day we don’t know who and couldn’t’ thank the guy

      • It was the Country Singer I can’t think of his name right now but he paid off a lot of store layaway’s that year I can’t remember if it was Tim McGraw or Tobey Keith but it was one of them Bless them whoever it was

    9. ???????? people beleive anything, this is absolute nonsense, what were the farmers doing at the auction if not to buy? I know farmers, I’m the son of one & if they want or need something they will go for it & np ones feelings will stop them. Stop letting facebook brainwash you, life isn’t all roses & puppy dogs, some people are pure evil as you are about to find out if you don’t wake up very soon, klaus schwab will own you and everything you possess.

    10. I just turned 74, only child, female, red headed and left handed. (Yes sir, my life was a challange.) LOL
      My Mother and Daddy taught me everything about beef cattle farming.
      When neighbors got sick and couldn’t plant crops, feed their animals, fix fences, etc. etc. All the women would get together and do meals for all. Men did what they knew best and all the children pitched in (cooking, field hand or baby sitters.) We made sure the work was done and they had hot meals everyday until they were better. There was”no shame”in getting help, it was done out of RESPECT. It happened to all of u

    11. These farmers know how hard it is to make there living and if there family’s lifestyle and culture was taken from them they wouldn’t be liking it one bit, so there not bidding comes from understanding and compassion for the situation. I grew up on my mum’s farm until I was 22 and at the ripe old age of 60 she is still going strong and my sister’s and I help her so I also understand the other farmers actions farming isn’t just a profession it is a connection to nature and the economy totally a lifestyle and way of living not just a job.

    12. When my dad was very young (in the 1930’s) he wanted a dog. He heard that the local auction had a dog up for bid. He skipped school that day and rode his bike 5 miles to the auction. All he had to spend was 25 cents (known at the time as 2 bits). All the farmers at the auction knew my dad so no one bid against him, so he got the dog and named him 2 bits.

    13. My mother did this. We went to bid on a repossessed house. When we got there, the father of the girl who lost the house was there to buy it back. Mother refused to bid against him.

    14. Well, that’s a lovely story with a happy outcome. Hope it’s all still being positive.
      Things like that don’t happen in greedy brexit disunited uk.
      Scotland is trapped ????????????????????????????

    15. While this is a great story, it has been ciculating online since 2011. The story lacks specific details such as when this supposedly happened, the last name of the farmer involved or the location of the auction or the farmhouse. In real life, the vast majority of farmland auctions are sold as reserved farmland auctions which gives the seller protection from a financial disaster. Also, if this were true the seller could have suffered a terrible financial loss because there is no mention of what the bidder supposedly bid. Overal it would seem this a great read but probably not true.

    16. I read the different views on this and that it goes both ways in a drastic manner is sad. But it is the right for all to be able to have their own opinions..I myself have been privileged to have seen acts as this is. I am very grateful for that. Because it is possible to happen. No need for the specific details of amount or where. Only need the act of others showing respect for the two that showed up to try, not asking for a freebie, they had money. Not everything or everyone is just wanting something for nothing. That was the point I got. What’s important is that kindness still exists.

    17. The sad part is that the A**WIPES in Washington consider us on Social Security and Medicare as being part of the welfare state. If I had every cent that I have put into Social Security and Medicare since I started collecting a paycheck as a teenager and I had invested it in quality even conservative funds or markets, I would have millions of dollars and never have to look for the government to look down their noses at me. The government took a fund that was reserved for Social Security and Medicare under the Johnson (Democrat) administration and put it into the General Fund. Crooks!!!

    Written by actbiggy