Bride Shocked By Wedding Cake Baked By Her Mother’s “Professional Baker” Friend

Anything that can go wrong will, in all likelihood, go wrong when planning a wedding.

It may be bad weather that makes your special day miserable or even your tough mother-in-law taking center stage.A Sydney bride-to-be has now been left upset after her mother forced her into allowing her friend, who claimed to be a skilled baker, to make her wedding cake.

She wanted a two-tier, “naked” white cake with lemon curd filling, which she intended to decorate with real flowers the day of the event.The finished product, however, is so awful that some are calling it “a joke” and “a complete monstrosity.”

Mum Won't Admit How Awful My Wedding Cake Is

Photo Credits – Reddit

“Mum Won’t Admit How Awful My Wedding Cake Is.”

The Bride posted a picture of a lumpy, white cake that, quite honestly, looks like it could have been made by a young child.

The stressed-out Bride wrote in her Reddit post that her mother “pressured me to get my cake created by her friend, who is allegedly a professional baker.” This is not what I ordered, suffice it to say.Even worse, according to the Bride, her mother was completely in denial about how horrible everything was.

Literally, this is pre-made icing and boxed cake mix. She believes it will look good after we add flowers,” she said.

“Mom tried to pressure me into choosing a caramel mud cake, which is both my least favorite cake of all time, and the cake my mum actually knows how to make, so I should have known something wasn’t right.

I assume, at some point, she realized her buddy doesn’t truly know what she’s doing, but she’s doubling down now.It appears that Mum’s friend is not a trained baker. She bakes cakes as a hobby for her grandchildren.

The bride shared this picture as inspiration when she asked for a two-tier naked cake
The bride shared this picture as inspiration when she asked for a two-tier naked cake | Photo Credits – Reddit

“I Had To Spend $500 On A New Wedding Cake.”

The bride-to-be explained that since her wedding was taking place in a small Blue Mountains town, she was forced to spend the day calling every bakery in the area in the hopes that someone would be able to whip up at least a sponge.

“This latest drama takes the cake, as it were,” she continued. “I’ve had clothing mishaps, location changes, and it looks like it’ll rain on my day.”

“This has completely ruined me. I paid $500 for a rush-order cake and more for modifications on my dress than it was even worth. I’ve had to cancel arrangements and inform family members of a constantly shifting schedule. Just elope if you’re thinking about it.

When she published her original inspiration photo, many people were shocked by the cake she had been given.”What is meant to be there? I would be crying over this and not dare to snap a picture of it to send to the Bride because I’m not a “professional baker,” another person wrote.

Another person added, “What in the fresh hell…please tell me this is a joke!

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