Although My Family Was Terrified because I’m 25 & My Husband Is 70, We Are Now Happily Married

Although My Family Was Terrified Coz I'm 25 & My Husband Is 70, We Are Now Happily Married

Despite having a 45-year age difference and the man being the wife’s father’s age, the couple has admitted they don’t give a damn what people think.

With more than 40 years gap between them, this Canadian couple has proven the saying that “true love has no age.”

Manifesting on love don’t judge Stephanie, 25, as she described her romance with her 70-year-old partner, Don.

She described their first meeting five years ago at the bar where she was working: “I liked him, like, the second I saw his face.”

“I simply thought he was so charming and flirtatious, and he was so attractive.

“I was simply overjoyed every time he entered.

And it didn’t take long for Stephanie and Don to fall in love.

However, because of the 45-year age difference, many people, especially those close to the woman, who was 20 at the time, were surprised to learn that they were now dating.

“My brother was definitely not a fan, and neither was my mother, my father, or my father’s in-law.”

“They believed I was making a mistake since I got into trouble.”

Stephanie’s mother expressed her feelings, saying, “I felt that Stephanie was missing out on the possibility of meeting someone that she could grow old with.

“Because she was with an old individual.

"Unfortunately, her time with Don would be brief," she said.

Photo Credits – Truly/YouTube

“Unfortunately, her time with Don would be brief,” she said.

The now mother of one recalled receiving advice to “get help and get out” since she was constantly being gaslighted.

The pair, however, decided not to take what others had to say into consideration; they have now settled down and even have a son, Lachlan, who is two years old.

“If anything, getting married and having Lachlan has increased my sense of fulfillment significantly.

“To be really honest, I believe I chose the best course of action for myself.”

Speaking to the camera, Don admitted that he used to regularly get mistaken for Lachlan’s grandfather but that he no longer bothers and also doesn’t correct them.

Stephanie will occasionally react, even though she and her partner don’t really care what people think of them or how they appear to them anymore—especially when they are out and about with their son.

“Sometimes I like to point it up to them by asking, “Did you have a question? You’ve been looking at me for the past 25 minutes, I see.

“And they never act or speak,” she said.

Due to the nature of their relationship, the husband and wife team has also been the target of a variety of stereotypes, the most prevalent of which is Stephanie seeking Don’s money.

“Everyone seems to think I’m just looking for a life insurance payout and that I’m a gold digger.

“She clarified the situation by saying, “We live in a house my dad gave me, and I have a job, so I work full time.

Don is now in his seventies, so there is more than just judgment to worry about.
Photo Credits – Truly/YouTube

Don is now in his seventies, so there is more than just judgment to worry about.

“A few or three of my beer drinking friends my age just passed away; not all, but several this year.”

“Don’t you dare die in your sleep,” I allegedly told him. Or I’d be furious.”

The two are on a mission to demonstrate that love has no bounds, despite what may seem like everything is working against their relationship.

"We decide not to hide our relationship because, well, why would you hide yours?"
Photo Credits – Truly/YouTube

“We decide not to hide our relationship because, well, why would you hide yours?”

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    1. Well I married my first wife 6 yrs difference in age. We were happily married 9.5 yrs before she suddenly was taken by God in 2 grueling days.
      Recently I have a deep LOVE ❤️ relationship with the age gap of 26 yrs. We LOVE each other like I never thought I’d love again. But it’s here in front of Us as GOD in heaven made it so our paths crossed and we begin our abiding friendship first. We are praying 🙏 that God will direct US toward our marriage soon.
      She has never married but as I said I was for 9.5 yrs. I’m a foster parent to three grown kids who have given me 4 grandchildren so far.

    2. I am a very vibrant 82 year old and love ❤️ happens even at my age. Was married for 16 years to an amazing young man that was 12 years younger. Passed away from cancer age 49 1/2. Few years ago rekindled with high school sweetheart and six years got engaged. He changed and disrespected me. OVER. Good luck cause love is what makes life worth living. Just beware!! 🤔😃

    3. My husband who was the love of my life was 11 years older than me. We were together 30 years. He died in February from dementia. I would do it all over again. I still love him so much.

    4. Thank you for this. My love and I had almost 20 wonderful years together. We could laugh at the ones who were shocked, embarrassed or dismissive. I had wasted 20 years with my first husband. But I realized what was important and didn’t let age difference interfere. I was very lucky.

    5. I’ve dated guys much younger than me. I started seeing someone (he was 18 at the time and I was in my late 40s). We have known each other for about 6 years now. He moved to Haiti for his job. I started to see someone and told him. He moved back and dropped a bomb shell on me. He wanted to be with me. I should have said yes immediately. I didn’t and he got hurt. He believes I don’t feel the same way. We have a connection I can’t explain. He is very sensitive and doesn’t talk much to me anymore. I wish he was here right now, even though he is more than 30 years younger than me.

    6. My wife is 9 years younger than I am and we’ve been married 28 years Definitely wouldn’t know what to do without her we have 2 girls and 3 grandchildren And we still have date night and we go out on rides and travel and enjoy life with each other But I also don’t look my age at all either

    Written by actbiggy