A Woman Set Up A Bird Photo Booth In Her Yard

A Woman Set Up A Bird Photo Booth In Her Yard

Birds have always represented freedom. They look so elusive and fascinating because they can fly. Fortunately, there is a method to interact with the natural world and discover these beautiful creatures in their native habitat without frightening or injuring them.

Fox, who joins the network under the handle Ostdrossel, has always loved wildlife and birds. She intended to spend as much time in nature as possible when she relocated to Germany from the USA.

Thousands of magnificent bird species with their charming facial expressions, commanding postures, and occasionally bizarre behavior were created because of her search for ways to make this possible.

Lisa has put up a picture booth that enables her to bring the idea of studying birds close to reality by experimenting with various types of food to attract birds. A box, a macro lens, and a feeder make up the booth.

The small camera has a motion sensor, so it will start recording as soon as a bird enters the area. Every evening, Lisa pulls out her camera to go over the many photos she had shot throughout the day—there may have been up to 7,000!

1. A Photograph That Depicts Crows With Teeth

A Photograph That Depicts Crows With Teeth

Photo Credits – ostdrosse

2. They Eat Together Everyday

They Eat Together Everyday
Photo Credits – ostdrosse

3. Additionally, This One Sings

Additionally, This One Sings
Photo Credits – ostdrosse

4. A Married Couple Or Twins?

A Married Couple Or Twins
Photo Credits – ostdrosse

5. Graceful Motion

Graceful Motion
Photo Credits – ostdrosse

6. Glee?

Photo Credits – ostdrosse

7. Not By A Single Grain

Not By A Single Grain
Photo Credits – ostdrosse

8. Competitor, Take Care!

Competitor, Take Care!
Photo Credits – ostdrosse

9. Romantic Meal

Romantic Meal
Photo Credits – ostdrosse

10. What Are You Looking At?

What Are You Looking At
Photo Credits – ostdrosse

The birds frequently visit Lisa’s yard, and some fly so often that you can spot them in her extensive gallery. You can sense the birds’ personalities in the picture, which range from silly to sad and serious. Do it yourself if you can.

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