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A Baby Model with Syndrome appeared in an Ad that goes viral now

A Baby Model with Syndrome appeared in an Ad that goes viral now

In a world where only good-looking models are selected for modeling, a brand came forward to give a chance to a baby model who was suffering from down syndrome. Before getting into the main topic, let’s understand what it is down syndrome? Where do down syndrome come from? What is the main cause of down syndrome ?. So that you can get a clear idea about what this lovely kid is suffering and why a kid acting in an ad is even news to talk about. So let’s get started…

What Is Down Syndrome?

Let’s talk in simple terms without going deep into scientific stuff. There is one additional chromosome in people with down syndrome. In the body, there are little “packages” of genes called chromosomes.

They control how a baby’s body develops and works as it matures throughout pregnancy and after birth. A baby typically has 46 chromosomes when they are born. These chromosomes, specifically chromosome 21, are duplicated in babies with Down syndrome.

Trisomy is a term used in medicine to describe having an extra copy of a chromosome. The term Trisomy 21 is also used to describe Down syndrome. Due to the altered body and brain development brought on by the extra copy, the newborn may experience difficulties on both a mental and physical level.

What Is Down Syndrome


Where Do Down Syndrome Come From?

Chromosome 21-related aberrant cell division leads to the development of Down syndrome. An additional partial or full copy of chromosome 21 results from these anomalies in cell division. Down syndrome’s distinctive traits and developmental issues are caused by this additional genetic material.

What Are Some Common Physical Features Of People Suffering From Down Syndrome?


Now you have a clear idea of why this is even news and how heart-melting it is when you hear that a baby with down syndrome got a chance to act. Let’s get into the main content now.


A Baby Model With Down Syndrome

Finally, businesses are demonstrating their inclusivity by taking the appropriate actions.

Fashion firms have shifted in recent years away from their traditional model, a thin white lady, in favor of more diverse models to better reflect their target market. Even though we have acknowledged this, there are still a number of underrepresented racial and ethnic groups, including those who are disabled.

banana republic
Credit: Banana Republic

Following Victoria’s Secret’s recent debut of their first model with Down syndrome, another company is now marking a significant occasion with the introduction of their baby line.

In February, information about the infant clothes collection was released. The 40-piece collection includes a bodysuit modeled after a top-selling tank for women., which also includes knit tops, bodysuits, and sleepwear that “take their influences from classic adult pieces” and has features like large pockets and buttons.

Some of the new collection’s advertisements feature a baby boy with Down syndrome. A spokesman for the Banana Republic told WTVT in a statement that the BR Baby line was created with the purpose of being more eco-friendly, hospitable, and inclusive.

We are who we are as a firm and how we make decisions because of one straightforward notion: that each of us deserves to belong and on our own terms. The casting for BR Baby provided us with the ideal opportunity to advance our desire to promote diversity in all of its manifestations. We were overjoyed to give this lovely, kind kid his first modeling assignment.

A non-profit organization called Changing the Face of Beauty, which promotes the portrayal of individuals with disabilities in media and advertising, acknowledged Banana Republic’s new model in a Facebook post.

The founder of Changing the Face of Beauty, Katie Driscoll, told WTVT that she was “excited to see brands responding to the handicap community through their commercial imagery.” “The DC [disability community] is the largest minority in the world, and 1 in 5 homes either know or care for someone who has a disability.

Despite this, our group is typically overlooked when diversity is taken into consideration. Our future depends on being recognized in the society we live in.

litle baby

This information was released less than a month after Victoria’s Secret decided to use its first model, which had Down syndrome. The achievement was proclaimed on Valentine’s Day by Puerto Rican beauty Sofa Jirau, 24. On social media, Jirau wrote, “I dreamed about it one day, I worked on it, and today it is a dream come true.

I am the first Victoria’s Secret model with Down syndrome, and now I can finally let you in on my huge secret. Jirau was 1 of 18 women hired for the debut of the brand-new Love Cloud collection by the lingerie and comfort-wear company.

I hope that one day this will be accepted as usual and that we can stop having to celebrate when a brand adds a person with a disability and start expecting it.


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