Home Invader Picked the Wrong House as 82 Year Old Bodybuilder Teaches Him an Unforgettable Lesson

82-Year-Old Female Bodybuilder Beats House Intruder So Severely That He Had To Be Transported To The Hospital

Willie Murphy recently won a weightlifting competition and can deadlift 225 pounds.

A home intruder was literally turned around by an 82-year-old award-winning female bodybuilder who beat him so severely after he broke into her home that he had to be rushed to the hospital.

Willie Murphy claims that around 11 p.m., as she was getting ready for bed, she heard banging on her front door at her Rochester, New York, house.

According to Murphy, who works for ABC Rochester affiliate WHAM, “[a man] came outside shouting please call an ambulance because I’m sick, I’m sick.”

The man became angry because Murphy wouldn’t let him inside, and she had to call the police to get him the help he needed, according to Murphy.

What the heck was that? Murphy exclaimed after hearing a loud noise. “The young man is at my house. He shattered the door.”

Murphy, who boasts a 225-pound deadlift and just won a weightlifting tournament, was shocked but undeterred.

She added, “He selected the wrong house to break into.

Photo Credits – WHAM

She reached for a table, which was the first thing she could. “I got that table and started working on him, and guess what? The desk broke! “She said.

The intruder quickly collapsed to the ground, but the beating continued. Murphy explained how she stomped on him to WHAM, saying, “When he’s down, I’m jumping on him.”

Then, while emergency dispatchers were still on the phone, she rushed into the kitchen to grab a bottle of baby shampoo.

Photo Credits – WHAM

A bottle of baby shampoo is on the table, Murphy said. “Guess what? I reach for the shampoo. He is still lying down toward his face. It’s all over.

The entire thing, He is pulling at the broom as he tries to stand up, and as I strike him with the broom while he is pulling it, guess what happens? Immediately, he wants to leave. I’m serious; I truly did that man a number. I believe he was happy as he entered the ambulance.”

Photo Credits – WHAM

After a few minutes, police officers showed up there, the suspect was taken into custody, and Murphy was praised by the first responders.

She claimed, “The officers who came wanted to go on my front porch and snap pictures with me.” “Even though I’m elderly and alone, guess what? I’m tough.”

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