25-Year-Old Explains What Obese Travelers Hate

Tall or short, skinny or thick… it doesn’t matter in my universe. I consider myself lucky that my parents taught me the importance of not judging a book by its cover and remembering that it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

However, we all know regular exercise and proper nutrition are essential for keeping your body healthy. However, many of us are aware of what it means to become trapped in a vicious circle and how difficult it may be to quit undesirable habits.

Breaking a poor pattern requires determination, self-confidence, and motivation – but this is easier said than done.Being plus-size may be psychologically and physically stressful.

Jae’lynn Chaney is a 25-year-old avid globetrotter with over 107,000 TikTok followers. Jae specializes in plus-size travel and fashion, and her most recent series, “Plus-Size Travel Struggles,” has had over 15 million views on YouTube.

“I chose to start filming and discussing the challenges that plus-size individuals have when traveling since many plus-size people can identify with these struggles. However, they are rarely talked about, especially by someone my size,” Jaelynn explained in an interview with Buzzfeed.

According to Jae for Buzzfeed, some of the issues that plus-size travelers face that other travelers do not consider include:

1. “Not Having Much Room To Move.”

Not Having Much Room To Move

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2. “Bulkhead Chairs And Narrow Aisles.”

Bulkhead Chairs And Narrow Aisles
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3. “Hesitant To Request A Seatbelt Extender.”

Hesitant To Request A Seatbelt Extender
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4. When The Tray Table Refuses To Come Down.”

When The Tray Table Refuses To Come Down
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5. “Mini Airplane Restrooms.”

Mini Airplane Restrooms
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6. “Being Concerned That You Would Damage The Toilet While Traveling.”

Being Concerned That You Would Damage The Toilet While Traveling
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7. “The Inability To Locate Accessible Paths And Hiking Routes.”

The Inability To Locate Accessible Paths And Hiking Routes
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8. “Being Patted Down Because You’re Overweight.”

Being Patted Down Because You're Overweight
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9. Armrests on little airport seats.”

Armrests on little airport seats
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10. Boat ladders, pool ladders, all ladders.”

Boat ladders, pool ladders, all ladders
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11. “You’re Always Worried If You’ll Fit—Public Transit, Aircraft Seats, Etc.”


12, “There Are Very Few Poolside Seating/Lounging Alternatives For Plus-Size Persons.”


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13 “Restaurants That Do Not Provide Seats For Plus-Size Customers.”.

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14. “Unsuitable Towels.”

Unsuitable Towels
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15. “The inability to locate clothing in your size anyplace.”

The inability to locate clothing in your size anyplace
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16. “Turnstiles and the fear of becoming trapped.”

Turnstiles and the fear of becoming trapped
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17. “I’m getting absurd comments about being a fat traveler.”

“The business has to know that the ordinary woman is no longer a size 14,” Jae said. They are now a size 18 and above. Yet, while we’ve grown in size, items like aircraft seats, clothing, and everything else have shrunk or remained the same.”

“To see meaningful change, the industry must stop disregarding the demands of plus-size people and begin growing to suit our requirements and become truly inclusive,” Jae said. “There are people of diverse colors, sizes, and abilities, and we deserve access to things that others have enjoyed for years.”

“As an advocate for individuals of all sizes and abilities, I wanted to express that while there are many barriers while traveling as a plus-size person, it’s still entirely worth it,” Jae concluded.

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